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Fence & Deck Design in Oshawa

At Manulock we strive to create solid, well built and unique fence & deck designs that will stand the tests of time. We are a local contractor that handle all fence & deck design in Oshawa and all of Durham Region. A wood fence or deck can increase the value of your home and maximize usability for you and your family.  We can advise on the advantages of buying a wood deck vs. composite deck are and every type of privacy fence you may desire. We design and build the best fences and decks in Durham Region; let us help you and your family transform your home to better suit your needs.

We design and strive to build unique and creative decks and fences that compliment your home with the finest materials available. All of our work meets or exceeds all Ontario and Municipal building codes. Safety is our #1 priority, we recommend pulling all the required permits from the city and if necessary engineered drawings.

Wood Deck vs. Composite Deck

You have a wide range of materials to choose from that will compliment your home design offer low maintenance and last for the long term. Choose between modern composite and PVC materials, standard North American woods such as Cedar or Pine and IPE Hardwoods. We can show you all the relevant issues of wood deck vs. composite deck.

All our workmanship is fully guaranteed.

Deck Design

We design your dream deck to ensure it meets your needs while complimenting the design of your home and the space available. Whether you want a deck for entertainment purposes, or for private family relaxation space or just more comfort and convenience we have a design that will exceed all your expectations.

We can design a deck that is as featured filled or budget friendly as you wish, from simple patio decks to intricate designs that could include Gazebos, pergolas, fire pits and custom fencing and stairways we have a plan that will stay within your budget while making the most of your yard space.

Deck Design differences of wood deck vs. composite deck in Oshawa, Durham Region, Ontario

Privacy Fence

Fences bring privacy to your home and if designed correctly can expand your private living space dramatically. You can choose between full privacy fence, semi-privacy fence or simple boundary fencing depending on your need.

We offer every type of fence and design to meet your needs from simple fencing to complex heavy duty full privacy fences.

We ensure that all post work is deep enough by going past the 4 foot mark for proper support, maximum strength and long-term stability of the fence.

Materials choices include: IPR Hardwood, pressure treated wood, cedar and composite.

Fence Design

We create an entire plan for your fence including the municipal permits, selecting materials and designing gateways.

We can integrate fences with any existing structures such as decks, pools, sheds or free-standing structures.

What ever the need, we have the right fence and plan for your home and guarantee all our workmanship.

Fences: Privacy fence is one of the most popular choices when investing in fence & deck in Oshawa

Fence & Deck Ideas

Decks and fences can help make you more comfortable in your home, at Manulock we work with what you have, what you want and sometimes what you thought was impossible. There are many options for your deck so let us help guide you in selecting your materials and style. What are some of the benefits of adding a new deck, patio or fence?

Decks have come a long way since the boring old squares we remember from 20 years ago. New materials have changed the conversation about wood deck vs. composite deck. An interesting and organic shape can add interest and dimension to your deck. The shape of your deck can also be used to enhance the architecture of your home or help hide some contours you are not particularly fond of. Your deck will frame your home and enhance your back yard.

We can incorporate any features you like. Currently the popular deck trends are: water features such as spas, hot tubs, pools and fountains. Then we have fire pits, sunken in seating areas, lighting and even outdoor kitchens. We can accommodate your goals and make your dreams a reality. Just picture your next summer party, roasting marshmallows on your built in stone seating … in your very own backyard!

Fence & Deck Trends in Oshawa

Fences have had a similar push towards modern styles; while white picket fences are beautiful in their own right, but we don’t have to many requests to have them built. We see requests for rustic fences, horizontal wood plank placement, integrated lighting, arbours or pergolas and a combination of wood and glass or wood and metal. Stain and paint colours have come a long way too, you are no longer required to pick real wood colours for your deck or fence. We now have every colour you can dream of. Wether you want to contrasting colours or match them. Your selection is available!

We also know that the reason for your fence can vary, you may have children or animals and want to keep them safe in your yard. Maybe you just want some privacy, a little oasis that is all yours. It doesn’t matter why you need this, all that matters is that you get exactly what you want, how you want it and when you want it!

As with any renovation or home improvement a deck, fence or patio will always increase your overall home value. But here is something you might not know; in general as a renovation project decks take less time to build. Spring is the most recommended time to build your deck because you will have time to plant your garden and shrubs, decorate your new space, go over your guest list and plan your summer parties!

Free Estimates in Durham Region

No matter how big or small your project is, we will work with you to build the best deck, fence or patio. We will provide you with a free estimate of the work to be completed in your choice of materials complete with a projected timeline.  We will update you on the latest information concerning wood deck vs. composite deck choices. We will work with your budget and help you map out the next projects for the future.

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Choose the best fence & deck design in all of Durham Region

We are fence & deck experts in Durham Region. If you value a contractor that knows how to design and build the best decks, fences and sheds and operates right here in Durham region then you’ve come to the right place.  We are your local contractor that will supply national quality products with outstanding workmanship and tremendous value. We also do Bathroom Renovations, Kitchen Renovations, Basement Renovations, and Landscaping.

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