Backyard Landscaping is #1 For Return On Investment

First, before you spend your money, know that Backyard landscaping is by far the number one investment for return you can make in your house. A study of real estate investments in Ontario by Global News in 2017 discovered that investments in backyard landscaping brought returns of 650% to 900% on your original investment. For every $2,000 spent on your backyard landscaping you got back $15,000 in home value increase. That is one heck of an investment return!

Now that you understand the value of investing in landscaping for your home, let’s discuss the most desirable must haves that are currently in demand in Durham Region.

Patios For Every Backyard Landscaping Project

The number one addition in terms of popularity in Durham Region is a private patio so that the family can truly enjoy their outdoor living space. The patios that bring most durable use as well as value to your home are patios that utilize stonework or interlock to create living areas that are safe and add visual appeal as well as a lifetime of durability. Interlock stone is superior to stamped concrete but concrete if properly sealed each year is a viable option. Either way one or the other is recommended for a strong foundation for other outdoor living additions such as shade structures, and outdoor kitchens.

Fireplaces & Fire Pits are a “Hot” Backyard Landscaping Project Must Have

The number one patio addition being chosen in Durham Region this year is a fire pit or fireplace. There is nothing quite like gathering around a warm fire on a cool summer evening with the family. It sets the atmosphere for great family time and extends the comfortable use of the patio from spring to late fall. Today’s choices of fire pits and fireplaces are mind boggling varied and we can help you select the right size with super low maintenance for your patio at best cost scenarios. Knowing where and how to install a firepit to maximise patio space is an art in itself.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls deal with level changes or to create new level changes to increase the beauty of your backyard. A retaining wall will ensure that the landscaping stays where it is put and will not deteriorate when on slopes. Stonework or textured concrete retaining walls will add beauty and extra depth to your backyard and add impact. Retaining walls serve a specific purpose designed into the overall landscaping plan as needed, this is not something you just add on to your backyard without a professional overall landscaping plan.

Shade Structures Complete Your Backyard Landscaping

No one wants to be sitting out in the backyard getting burnt by the sun, rained on, or blown around by gusty winds. Properly designed shade structures are integrated into the entire landscaping plan and look like they belong. Supplying sunshade as well wind and rain protection they make outdoor living livable and enjoyable while never intruding on the fact that you are outdoors.

Shade structures can be as simple or complex depending on your budget and size of your outdoor living area. Arbours, gazebos, cabanas, awnings, pavilions etc. are all useful shade structures that can be integrates into any backyard patio area and help guarantee an enjoyable outdoor experience. They also help protect outdoor furniture, kitchen equipment and BBQ’s from hostile weather.

These backyard landscaping trends and suggestions will enhance the family home experience, delight guests, and bring unprecedented return on investment.

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