Top 5 Kitchen Renovation Questions

Many of you are curious about renovations and have countless questions. While every renovation will be different we will review the top 5 kitchen renovation questions to help shed some light on this topic. From what is kitchen renovation and how much are kitchen renovations to how to budget kitchen renovations, we have the answers.

1 – What Is Kitchen Renovation?

Well lets start at the very beginning with what is kitchen renovation. The definition of  renovation is: “To restore to good condition; make new or as if new again; to repair.” There are different levels of renovations.

A Small renovation could be: painting the walls a new colour, changing the knobs on the cabinets and changing the light fixture.

A large renovation would be removing the old cabinets and redesigning their location, adding a new counter top, maybe replacing a few old appliances. Another large renovation would be a total gut including a remodel; new floors, removing walls, re-locating switches, lights and much more.

2 – How To Budget Kitchen Renovations?

Below in Question #4, I will ask you to make a list of what you and your spouse want out of your renovation. This is a good starting off point for creating your budget. Now get estimates from at least 3 contractors, once you pick the contractor you like add the 2 lists together for your ballpark cost. Don’t forget to add 15% – 25% for a safety net.

Armed with this figure you can begin the process of withdrawing funds from your accounts or check out your options with your bank, the most popular options are low interest credit lines and mortgage refinancing. That is how to budget kitchen renovations.

3 – How Much Are Kitchen Renovations?

The rough formula to figure out the cost for a complete renovation is between $100 – $200 per square foot. You should also add 15% – 25% to your unexpected expenses account. This is a safety net of sorts to make sure that your renovation does not bankrupt you.

As a general rule if you house is older, bigger or if your renovations are extreme you will encounter more issues and most likely you will need to use your safety net. The question how much are kitchen renovation is a lot like asking how much is a car, but using the above formula will give you a  realistic starting point.

4 – How To Start Kitchen Renovations?

Asking the question how to start kitchen renovations is the first step in starting a plan and that is the most important thing to do first: make a plan. Sit down with your spouse and make a list of what you like and do not like, want and do not want.  Then focus on the existing problems with the kitchen, for example if you want an area for mail and important documents or space for the kids to sit and do their homework.

This is the perfect time to fix these types of problems. To stay on track, I recommend posting the list somewhere you will see it often that way you can review it every once in a while so you can stay focused.

It’s really easy to get derailed by all the pretty things that you do not need and will not use, so think like Santa Clause and keep checking that list!

5 – What To Eat During A Kitchen Renovation?

Renovations can take a significant amount of time, so the facts are that you may be without a functioning kitchen for a few weeks or even months. Unless, you plan to be away during the renovation you will have to drum up some creativity. for people who have not created a plan the question of what to eat during a kitchen renovation can present as an unexpected inconvenience,

Hang onto your existing fridge that way you have access to fresh food in the house. Next, find your tools; a slow cooker, rice cooker, toaster oven, BBQ, electric kettle and a microwave are your new best friends.

Keep in mind you can eat fresh raw foods too, like fruits & veggies. You can wash the dishes in the bathtub or if you have a Laundry sink that would do just fine too or you can always use paper plates and plastic cutlery. Whatever is easiest for you.

More Kitchen Tips

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