Washroom Renovations 2019

Washroom renovations provide the biggest bang for the least buck in terms of both ROI and everyday family lifestyle improvement for the Oshawa homeowner. Bringing a high return value to your investment dollar is important to every family. Understanding bathroom design trends that are hot in Durham Region right now is an important piece of information to help homeowners make the best choice. With that in mind, here are the top 5 Bathroom Trends in Durham Region in 2019.

#1 Floating Toilets

It’s a proven space saver with an ultra modern look and always provides a wow factor for the bathroom. When installed and mounted by a professional it is dead reliable and ultra dependable. The plumbing is all hidden in the wall so make sure you have a profession install this toilet to avoid problems. It’s the # 1 washroom renovation trend for 2 years running!

A bonus is the super clean under toilet area that is now open to easy cleaning with a  simple mop. Imagine no grimy toilet bowl sides and anchor footing to clean around! Floating toilets are definitely a big number 1 hit on our top 5 Bathroom Design Trends 2019 for Oshawa homeowners.

#2 Glass Shower Wall

One of the largest spaces in your washroom is dedicated to your shower area so doing something special with this space can be extremely impactful and rewarding. A floor to ceiling glass shower wall makes a big statement, looks incredible, and opens the entire bathroom up making it appear larger than it actually is. As the entire shower is open choosing complimentary tiles, colours, and fixtures help turn the everyday shower into a core design piece for your washroom renovation. It’s a hot #2 and a “must do” on our top 5 Bathroom Design Trends 2019 list.

#3 Floating Vanity

Are you noticing the trend? Floating toilets, glass wall showers, and # 3 on our 5 top bathroom design trends is floating vanities. They are all visually spacious renovations providing an open look while maximizing space.

Floating vanities offer their own wow factor and look fantastic in literally every material from modern chrome or stainless to Danish teak wood. Once again very easy maintenance as you can easily clean under the vanity with a Swifter. And no more stubbed toes!

#4 Wall Mounted Faucets

One again homeowners in Oshawa are choosing an ultra clean look that is actually easy to keep clean. Wall mounted faucets come directly right out of the wall just like your shower fixtures. This ultra modern look leaves no soap scum and faucet rings on your sink ledge to clean resulting in a very clean design line from the wall to sink. Also provides lots of extra room on the sink for accessories that no longer have to give up space to taps and dials.

Wall mounted faucets are that detailed finishing touch that separates a well-planned washroom renovation from a “design as we go” let’s hope for the best failure.

#5 & Newest in Bathroom Design Trends: Tech in The Bathroom

Very recently homeowners in Durham Region started embracing technology in the bathroom. A trickle at first, we can tell you that halfway through 2019 it is now a full-blown trend. Automatic faucets with motion sensing and auto flush toilets when you rise are just a few of the tech features that are now included in better fixtures at almost no additional cost.

Stereo systems to enjoy in the shower with sound syncing tech to compensate for a running shower was an expensive luxury before but is now just a check box on a long list of options available to every homeowner in Ontario at reasonable cost.

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