Get ready for winter it’s coming; we can try to avoid it but unless we move down south there is no other option. So, let’s plan for it!  That way when the flakes fly we can rest assured that the lawn underneath is nice and healthy for Spring. Here In Oshawa we have to prepare for winter, so here are our top 10 winter landscaping tips on getting ready for winter.

Top 10 Winter Landscaping tips – Get Ready for Winter!

#1 – Let’s start off on the right foot with cleanliness; rake your leaves. The #1 on our top 10 winter landscaping tips seems obvious but leaving the leaves on your lawn for too long can end up suffocating your lawn causing fungal diseases and bald spots.

#2 – Plan for the Spring, weed your lawn and garden to make the Spring an easy transition. Keep in mind that ridding yourself of perennial weeds like dandelions is more effective in the Fall than in the Summer. Why does this happen? Perennial weeds are in the energy-absorbing mode during the fall and will greedily soak up all the herbicides you give them.

#3 – Mow the lawn and keep mowing it. The lawn does not obey you, you obey the lawn. It’s not so bad, all the neighbours will envy your lawn care enthusiasm and your well manicured lawn. Just make sure that you gradually drop your blade so it’s at the lowest setting for the last two to three haircuts of the year. Why is this necessary? Im glad you asked, this allows the sunlight to reach the the grass better, getting rid of pesky brown spots.

#4 – To get ready for Winter you need to start planning for Spring! Are you unhappy with a certain area of your garden? Are you planning some changes for the Spring? You may be surprised to know that most plants withstand a Fall planting better then in the Spring.

#5 – Seeding? Yes, you should speed your lawn. If you want a thick, green lush lawn; you have to seed and it’s better to seed in the Fall. By the time Spring rolls around you will be envy of your neighbours.

#6 – Trimming is also a great idea and should be done (for certain plants) before the winter snow falls. Pruning is the removal of dead; diseased or damaged stems. Dead stems will draw insects in and welcome them to stay until they ravage your plant.

#7 – Keep watering, just because it’s colder does not mean that your plants are not hungry anymore. Especially if you are planting keep watering until the freezing temperatures hit.

#8 – Apply fall lawn fertilizer 2 to 3 weeks before the ground freezes. Generally, mid-October is a good time to apply lawn fertilizer.

#9 – Care for your tools, clean your trowels, shovels, shears and stakes, do an oil change on your lawn mower, your chain saw and sharpen your blades. Be careful, if fertilizer is used too early when the grass, trees and plants are still growing, it can encourage damage during the winter and can cause snow mold in the Spring.

#10 – Remember to have fun, yes these are chores but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself. Spend time with your family or invite some friends over to help you enjoy the last days of summer, maybe fire up the BBQ one last time.

I hope you have enjoyed our top 10 winter landscaping tips, I know your lawn and landscaping will! Read our landscaping page for more information. Manulock are experts at taking care of your lawn and are knowledgeable on all Ontario government lawn recommendations.

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