Our List of Top 10 Home Renovations in Durham Region

We have a complied a list of the top 10 home renovations in Durham Region. Canadians spent approximately $72 billion in home renovations in 2017 and are expected to spend $74 billion in 2018 renovation spending when all is said and done.This list of top 10 home renovations in Durham Region may help guide you where to start on your own home renovations. The renovations on this list are there because of 2 main reasons: popularity due to greatest return on investment and popularity due to greatest improvement to family lifestyle. Your own ratio of lifestyle versus ROI will be adjusted by your unique family needs and objectives.

Few upgrades rival a kitchen upgrade or bathroom upgrade for ROI and lifestyle improvement however if no one in your family cooks then a kitchen upgrade may not bring a large lifestyle upgrade to your home. Each family is different, only you know what tour family needs are. Here are the top ten home renovation in Durham Region and Ontario by percentage of over renovation expenditures in the province. It adds up to 86% with the other 14% of home renovations being spread over a myriad of smaller miscellaneous projects that have not made our top 10.

Bathroom Renovation 16%

Bathroom renovation is the number one renovation project in Durham Region and in fact in all of Ontario. Not every family may cook and not every family may require a new basement for the kids to play in but everyone goes to the bathroom and everyone takes a bath or a shower. We spend a fair bit of time in the bathroom and the trend is definitely to make it a more luxurious experience whether it be large walk-in showers or adding counter space or even a bidet.

Aside form the obvious lifestyle benefit to family, it is one of the best ROI investment you can make in your house. Check out our Bathroom Renovations page

New Basement Renovations 13%

Nothing can add liveable space to your home like finishing the basement. Upgrading a finished basement can add income by renting it out, bring the in-laws home, or give teenagers in the home their own space to be themselves.

Adding basement living space can save wear and tear on the rest of the home if you have young kids. If your home is cramped this is the most affordable way to add considerable space and if you happen to own a bungalow style home, it can almost double your living space in one economical renovation.

A finished basement brings great ROI for the house financially while also bringing great family lifestyle benefits. For more info see our Basement Renovations page.

New Deck 11%

A new deck for the backyard is high on the list at 11% because it hits many sweet spots for the home owner. It adds great living space in the warmer months, it provides great ROI when selling your home in the spring/summer, and it has one other huge benefit: it does all that while being one of the most affordable renovations giving you huge bang for the buck. More info on our Decks & Fencing page and Landscaping.

New Fence Construction 8%

A new fence goes hand in hand with the deck listed above. If you live in an urban area or a subdivision you’ll want a fence for privacy, if you are more rural, you’ll want a fence to keep some wildlife out and any pets in. Designing anew fence at the same time as the deck provides a flow to the entire home that is hard to beat for curb appeal and use of space providing similar bang for the buck as a deck does. Details on our Fencing page

Kitchen Renovations 8%

Great kitchen sell homes, that is not a secret. A great kitchen may also be family central for a family that cooks and eats together. It has the biggest impact on a traditional family lifestyle and one of the highest ROI of any renovation project.

A poor kitchen can hinder the sale of even a very good home, a great kitchen can raise the overall appeal of an ordinary home. It is highly recommended that you hire an experience company that knows what they are doing when renovation your kitchen because this is also one of the most expensive home renovations that you will undertake, do it right the first time! Lots of details on our Kitchen Renovations page.

New Flooring 7%

Sometimes a room that seems to be lacking everything may only be lacking quality flooring. The living room with wall to wall carpeting takes on a whole new look when fitted out with hardwood flooring. That kitchen or dining room that does not quite measure up may just need new flooring.

New quality flooring makes a huge overall first impression when selling a home. While not really adding anything to family lifestyle it is one of the first choice for upgrades when trying to make a good impression when staging your home for sale. And flooring is high on the list of “must haves” potential home buyers are looking for. See our General Renovations page and our Tips Blog for flooring tips.

Painting 7%

Don’t underestimate the value that an interior or exterior paint job can do g=for your home. Upgrading interior colours can modernize an older home while just painting exterior windows and doors can add value by protecting window and door frames from deteriorating and maintaining the value of your house.

House painting has become much more expensive over the past 10 years but is still very good value for protecting and beautifying your home.

Tiling 6%

Tiling is growing rapidly across Canada and throughout Durham Region. Creative enhancements have really taken hold on tiling options from backsplashes in the kitchen to the fireplace as well as tile flooring and walls. Bathroom and kitchen projects have a very wide range of new tiling materials, colours and designs that just did not exist 10 years ago.

Tiling projects can be economical, quick to complete and be impactful in terms of appearance and durability. Materials can range from inexpensive man-made tiles to expensive and luxurious imported marbles.

Tiling must be installed and treated correctly for the material used so look for professional installers that are experienced in your project use scenario. More details in Bathrooms and Kitchens and many articles in our Tips Blog.

Windows & Doors 5%

Replacing or upgrading windows and doors can be an expensive project and if upgrading to more energy efficient windows and frames it can take many years to recoup those costs.

It may be best to replace windows or doors on a smaller scale doing small projects at a time, such as all the basement windows first. For example, if your have leaky basement windows then replacing all the basement windows first would be the step to take before finishing your basement. See our Renovations page for more info.

Roofing at 5% of Expenditures Does Makes Top 10 Home Renovations in Durham Region

Roofing problems can not interfere with selling your home but if let go for too long can cause increased damage to your home that goes well beyond the cost of repairing the roof in the first place. many people may not guess that roofing would appear on the Top 10 Home Renovations in Durham Region or all of Ontario for that matter, however it does make the list because many new home owners find they must replace roof shingles within the first 10 year of a new home purchase.

We consider most roofing projects more of a maintenance issue that just simply must be done as a normal routine for home maintenance.

When buying a brand-new home, the shingles used are often only good for 5 to 7 years before the sun curls them. It becomes obvious when the roof must be re-shingled as the shingles starts curling and crumbling. Letting it go too long will eventually result in a leaky roof that causes interior damage to the home.

If you are planning on remaining in the home for a long time then re-shingle with 25 to 50-year shingles, if you will be selling the home then re-shingle with 10 to 15 year shingles.

New roofing is primary a maintenance function and will only result in lifestyle improvements if you have been living with a leaky roof. Keep your roof in adequate repair and re-shingle when required, there is no real alterative to good maintenance.

Roofing Addition: Skylights

For family lifestyle improvement you may decide to add skylights to your existing roof. This is an economical project and if done by professionals will never leak or cause problems. It can truly open up interior space and brighten the entire home. Skylights are primarily a lifestyle improvement feature to the home rather than a ROI play.

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