Invest in Professional Landscaping

The first impression made by your home is it’s most important impression and is an amazingly durable impression that lasts. A poor home first impression is hard to overcome. Professional landscaping can make one of the biggest positive impacts on the impression your home makes to visitors, neighbours, and real estate agents. This is true for resale value of the home and also true just for the impact you home has on guests and visitors in how they see and judge you and your home.

Professional Landscaping Adds Value

Professional Landscaping will increase the value of your home an add curb appeal but more importantly, it will increase ownership satisfaction, community opinion of your home and provide tremendous usability value to the family occupants of the home.

Increase Space

Managing the exterior space of you home by utilizing back yard space as summer family gathering and outdoor cooking facilities provides a beautiful seasonal change and inspires more family get togethers. Creating a front yard curb appeal that embarrasses more security and privacy while be environmentally friendly is one of the few home investments that returns values in every aspect from financial ROI to family fun to eco considerations. Discuss your space targets with your Professional Landscaper at Manulock Construction in a free consultation today.

Whether simple deck, improved natural fencing, greener garden planning, or extending the roof for an all-weather outdoor kitchen then return on adding usable footage to your home provides a major payoff in both family usability and homeownership value.

Landscape Planning

Taking the time to professionally landscape a garden area and adding some stone work should be done by professionals with an overall plan if you want to avoid a patch work look. Creating mature garden areas separated with stone work does result in a return on investment. Just adding garden work in a random haphazardly manner can actually devalue your home and a small real-estate agent for the buyer will make note of the cost to clean this patch work up for a more polished presentation.

Unified Look & Presentation

I’m sure you have walked by a home with a professionally landscaped appearance where the garden areas and stone work compliment each other, invite one to the home yet clearly differential where you should and should not be on the property. Good landscaping design always ensures guests know where they should be and what path to take to another area of the property.

The object is not to build a jungle but to build a peaceful and elegant way of traversing the property with areas for people to comfortably gather socially while enjoying the atmosphere. Bringing a plan like this together that also adds security t the home is the job of a professional landscaper who knows how to maximize the user of party available without making it looked crowded and cramped.

What to Spend on Professional Landscaping

How much to invest in your professional landscaping? A good rule of thumb is to invest between 10% and 20 % of your current home value if you are not adding a swimming pool. This would include some stone work, garden design, deck and fences. Don’t go all out on an interlock driveway unless your home is worth more than $400,000 and at lead 1 out of 11 homes on your street have an interlock driveway. If more than 4 out of 10 home on your street have interlock driveways your home does not, it can be a serious point that potential home buyers will use to devalue your home.

Professional landscaping is one of the home investments that you can make that will add value to family life, curb appeal and value to your home while motivating others on your street to also invest in landscaping which in turn raises the value of all homes on the street. Not everyone on your street can see the new basement you built or kitchen remodelling, but everyone on the street see the landscaping upgrade and that encourages them to all up their game and raise property values.

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