Perfect IKEA Kitchen Renovation Plan

Step one when developing an IKEA kitchen renovation plan is to imagine and identity the desired end result. Are you trying to make better use of existing space or are you actually expanding the existing space? Are you seeking more cooking space, more storage space or both? Is your family growing or getting smaller?

These answers will help you get a handle on where to invest your kitchen budget and bring focus to the entire kitchen remodeling project that will give you the results you seek.

Expanding your IKEA Kitchen Space

If you are actually expanding kitchen space well will conduct an inspection of the kitchen and let you know what wall or walls can be moved without concern and which wall or walls will require structural reinforcing. Choosing the right wall alone can save you many thousands of dollars if expanding your kitchen size. Remember when moving major kitchens pieces such as stoves and sinks to a different location requires that you also move the water pipes, gas pipes and electrical wiring that may be supplying them. We can advise you on the most economical plans to make the changes you desire while saving costs on unnecessarily moving plumbing and wiring.

Better Use of Existing Kitchen Space

If your new IKEA kitchen upgrade is more about better utilization of existing space or improving the kitchen work flow, then making structural changes can be avoided altogether by choosing the correct components and minor re-routing of existing infrastructure.

Once your goal is clear and you know what space you will have to work with, now the look, features and flow of your new IKEA kitchen becomes the focus. IKEA has a great resource of many kitchen layouts that can provide you with some stunning ideas all utilizing their own products. You can do and amazing kitchen remodelling within the same existing space that will completely change how your kitchen works and appears.

IKEA Kitchen Products Provide Many Options

Using IKEA products, we can completely renovate your kitchen providing a totally new experience from sink to cooking area, countertops, drawers, cabinetry, pantry storage, and flooring. a well thought out IKEA kitchen renovation plan allows for a wider variety of materials, finishes and options than any other kitchen supplier in Canada.

IKEA Kitchen Guarantee

We will work with you on a turnkey basis from the base plans to assisting your selection of all materials and finishes and final installation and finishing. You know exactly what your kitchen will look like because you have had input on the plans have seen the products to be installed first hand. There will be no surprises and IKEA guarantees their kitchen products such as countertops and cabinetry for 25 years.

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