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Oshawa Landscaping design company providing landscaping in Durham Region and OntarioWe are a leading Oshawa landscaping Design company providing landscaping in Durham Region. All of our services are available to you including front entrances, driveways and driveway borders, patios, pool installations, pool coping, walkways, patios, retaining walls, stairs, stone relays, repairs, slope & drainage issues, irrigation and tree removal.

We use the best materials such as natural stone, flagstone, interlocking stone, armour stone from leading suppliers such as Unilock and Permacon. 

We are proud to stand behind our work, we will gladly offer you a 2-year warranty on all workmanship.

Curb Appeal: Your Front Yard Needs Landscaping Design

Certain houses have amazing curb appeal, they just grab your attention. Take a few moments to study the look of the appeal and you’ll notice much if it is supplied by the superior landscaping design that frames the house.

Front yard landscaping that creates this type of curb appeal does not happen by accident, it requires a plan specifically for your home and the landscaping  design skill and experience to execute it.

Oshawa Landscaping Service Providing Landscaping in Durham Region

We are a local Oshawa landscaping design company that listens to what your goals are, develop an affordable plan to achieve them because we have the landscaping skill required to make your vision a reality.

We develop the style and look your want while creating a space that can be maintained easily for the life of your home.

One of the surest ways to increase the value of your home is to increase its curb appeal using landscaping design. The front yard appearance can set the tone for the entire home.

We will design a front yard plan that will meet your budget requirements, be professionally and skillfully built yet straight-forward to maintain.

Our designs can integrate everything your might envision including retaining walls, contained gardens, stone pathways, lighting, and multiple landings.

We can dramatically separate your house appearance & presentation from those of your neighbours by carefully planning the front yard design while increasing your curb appeal to make your home stand out from the crowd. We provide landscaping in Durham Region from Pickering to Bowmanville.


Landscaping Your Backyard

Your back yard is for family, friends, fun and privacy and of course this requires a different plan than what is appropriate for the front yard. Some may choose to build a retreat, others may choose a children’s delight and yet others a multi-tiered yard and deck for the grill king and entertainment specialist, while many families may want a bit of all three for their family backyard.
We have the skills, tools and expertise to bring it all together for you in a manner that will result in the least disruption to your home life and use of your backyard.

Landscaping Design and Planning

Home owners can become frustrated when trying to design a plan that satisfies the family needs for the backyard. Together, we can guide your ideas into a terrific plan, help you choose the most appropriate materials at the best prices and ensure that your ideas are implemented professionally and with workmanship that will last a lifetime. Everything from plants to decks, retaining walls to pathways, ponds to fountains, stone to interlock, we can do it all and bring it together and then back it with warranty.

We take great pride in creating a backyard space within your budget that your whole family can be proud of and will want to spend much of their time enjoying year after year.

Landscaping in Durham Region is Proven to Increase the Value of Your Home

2017 statistics prove that homes featuring clean and maintained landscaping can increase your home’s overall value as much as 14%. Other landscaping benefits could include growing your own garden, bettering the environment and your family’s health, you might see a savings on your heating and cooling bill and you may be helping to preserve our lakes and streams!

Real estate is a hot topic lately, one day it’s up the next day it’s down. Realistically, one homeowner may have problems selling their home while others do not. Let’s try to be the latter! Give your home every opportunity to shine, start ahead of the game by having a tastefully landscaped yard that is appealing to prospective buyers to come and see what other treasures are hiding within.

Stay Within Your Landscaping Budget

When thinking of landscaping your home, we will help you keep your budget in mind but also recommend features that are within your means to care for. If you have a green thumb and love spending hours in your yard we will work out a design to incorporate your favourite things about yard work. Recent trends indicate that families are taking charge of what they are consuming and requesting edible gardens. This way you can save money while still eating organic, non pesticide fruits and vegetables! Who knows you may even be on your way to canning those wholesome foods for the winter. On the other hand, if you are a busy person with little to no time for gardening we can recommend some low maintenance greenery that will look fabulous on it’s own. There is a plant, shrub or flower for your needs and we will find it for you!

Environmental Landscaping

How can grass and trees benefit the environment? Grass acts as an air cleaner by trapping carbon dioxide and converting it for us into oxygen and carbon. No matter how big or small your yard is it doesn’t call in sick and it’s working for free,. Let us help you make sure your greenery has all it needs to the best air cleaner! A tree works in the same manner and we will help you ensure you have the right tree for your location, exposure and soil.

The sun plays a very important role in determining the temperature inside your house. Especially if you don’t have any trees helping you. Why not plant yourself a tree or two to block out some of that sun? Your air conditioner will thank you for the boost. The same science applies to the winter time; if your home has dense trees keeping the warmth in thus reducing your heating bill.

Grass and trees also do their part in helping lakes and streams. Healthy root systems can help trap toxins and protect water sources from contaminants. Those same roots can also help battle erosion, prevent landslides and even help reduce forest fires! We are of course versed in the use of all lawn and garden chemicals and can advise you on their use

My point is landscaping in not just pretty to look at, there are many benefits both financial and environmental for you, your family and the planet to benefit from. Why not check out what you can do to participate?


The Best Landscaping in Durham Region

We are your Oshawa Landscaping professionals handling all landscaping in Durham Region from Pickering and East. If you value a contractor that operates right here in Durham Region then you’ve come to the right place.  We are your local landscaping contractor supplying outstanding workmanship and tremendous value. We also do Kitchen RenovationsBathroom Renovations, Home & Basement Renovations, and Fences & Decks.

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