How To Start Your Oshawa Home Renovation Plan

You’ve more than likely have watched a dozen home renovation tv shows, you know you need a home renovation plan, you know it’s important to select a good contractor and you know that you must prepare for some unexpected issues. You can make the home renovation a fun family project by properly planning the renovation in the first place and avoid the unexpected. Your Oshawa Home Renovation plan should be a document you create and use as your guide for the project. It will contain your home repairs list, must have home renovations and your wish list of home renovations that would be nice to have. this will be a multiple part series of articles on how to plan your home renovation, choose a home renovator in Durham Region, and how to work with them to get what you need done. This first part will deal with how to start your home renovation plan.

Prepare Your Finances & Budget For Your Oshawa Home Renovation

One of the first things to do is research on the municipal laws for your location to ensure your plans are in compliance. You must also consider and account in your future budget for any property tax reassessments these upgrades or added space may add to your Durham Region home. If you have an unfinished basement and you finish it, your property taxes may rise, if you add space to the house, your property tax assessment on your Oshawa home may change. Now is the time to review your financial resources, decide how to finance the renovation, include any increased municipal property taxes to your budget and consider the cost versus benefit of improved lifestyle and home value ROI this upgrade will provide. This will put you in the right ballpark for starting a planning budget or talking with your bank if you are financing major improvements, and there will be no surprises.

Focus On The Renovation Goals Before Hiring A Home Renovator in Durham Region

You should now build a list of changes to your home that are desirable in the home renovation. Start by asking yourself what the main purpose of the renovation is. When creating your wants and needs list make sure that your entire family have input on the goals and focus on the main needs that are core to the project. Is it more space? Is it to integrate indoor and outdoor space? Is it to build a dream kitchen? Are in-laws moving in? If repairs are necessary as well, make sure to include them now, no sense in finishing the basement if you need a foundation wall repaired that has leaked in the past and may not be fixed properly. Go over your homes’ history of repair issues and see if now the time is to work on these improvements as well. Make the project planning a family affair to ensure all needs are met and to get family buy in because depending on how big the project is, there will be disruptions in the home that all family members will have to put up with.

Our next article will discuss how to choose a home renovator in Durham Region, getting ready to talk to them about your plans and making sure they are the right partner for your project.

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