How To Renovate Your Condo

Condos are everywhere, and sales are growing throughout the GTA and all of Durham Region. Over the past 12 months we have seen home sales slow somewhat after the Ontario government changed some ownership and mortgage rules. Condo sales however have kept growing! If you recently bought an older condo or have owned your condo for more than 10 years, you may want to renovate your condo. Condo Renovations have a few different principles to consider than a typical home renovation. Here are some tips on performing trouble-free Oshawa condo renovations that meet Durham Region standards.

Oshawa Condo Renovations Require Condo Board Approval

You will almost certainly require approval from your condominium board to undertake any major renovation. The steps are 1) contact your property manager to clarify the process and then submit a renovation proposal for approval. Many projects like granite counters, bathroom tiling, hardwood floors are approved without issue fairly quickly. Projects that require electrical rewiring may also require an electrical permit from your town, however unlike homes, most projects do not require a building permit. Moving plumbing more than a foot or two or making changes to a structural wall is certainly not going to be permitted but you may be surprised and just how much your can customize your condo if you hire the right contractor and present your proposal properly.

Condo Renovation Restrictions & Planning

Your condo boards will almost certainly have certain restrictions and requirements that you must meet. A common restriction is what times and days your renovation work can be carried out. The board will not allow you to interfere with other people’s lifestyles in terms of sleeping disruption, access to elevators, and any disturbances on weekends.

Many condos corporation only allow renovation work to be carried out between 9am and 5pm weekdays and projects materials must be scheduled for elevator use times in advance. This means you must have good communication between yourself and your contractor and proper booking of elevator times for materials transport with your Property Manager. Arrangements must also be made with your condo board for parking for workers during project work hours.

Planning and communication between yourself, the property manger and your contractor is key to an efficient and professional condo renovation that is efficient and therefore cost effective. Time is money!

Damage & Cleanup

You are responsible for any damage that may occur and cleanup required to the common areas while performing your Oshawa condo renovations. This includes elevators, hallways, foyer, and the parking lot. Ensure you have a professional contractor who is conscientious and has worked on condos before. Your condo board will most likely require that you post either a deposit or purchase project insurance to cover any damages to common areas during your renovation.

Condo Renovations – What Not To do

Never undertake plumbing work or electrical work if you renovate your condo without board approval. Requiring the condo to turn off the buildings water or electrical current to deals with a problem caused by your renovation can be extremely expensive and has the potential to have your ousted from your unit. Plumbing and electrical changes to your unit, if approved, require careful coordination with your Property Manager.

We are professional contractors who are experienced as getting your new hardwood materials or granite countess and other required materials into your unit, beautifully installed to create your dream condo. We will work with your Property Manager in such a way that other condo residents will never even be aware of the renovation.

Manulock construction are experts at home renovation in Durham Region and are intimately familiar with Condo requirements. Make sure to review some of our services including Flooring, bathroom renovations, and kitchen counters.  Our Reno Tips Page has tons of home renovation tips including this article on how to plan a home renovation.

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