Choosing a New Kitchen Sink

The kitchen sink is the single most underrated asset in your kitchen. It is a veritable workhorse and a jack of all trades. You can prepare foods over it, wash foods and vegetables in it, store dirty dishes in it, and of course it supplies all the water the kitchen requires. Selecting a new kitchen sink for your kitchen reno should be done with careful consideration, not just as an afterthought.

A family may live a couple weeks without a stove if you have a toaster oven or microwave to tie you over. One  may survive without cabinet space if new ones are being installed, in your kitchen. A family can certainly survive without a kitchen island for a time. However, without a kitchen sink and the faucets that go along with it your kitchen is completely and undeniably out of commission.

Despite this, many homeowners don’t spend enough time thinking about kitchen sink design and features when it come to redesigning their kitchen and selecting a new kitchen sink for those glorious new marble, quartz, or granite counters.

New Kitchen Sink Styles

The style and type of kitchen sink will determine certain functions and how much countertop space you are left with. Large sinks are more functional but require more countertop space. If you have a smaller kitchen we recommend a single deep sink. Square sinks are generally a little deeper, splash less and provide maximum functionality while taking up less countertop space than a double sink with rounded bottom. Undermounts provide a cleaner look as crumbs and food debris can be swept easily from counter to sink as there is no lip to catch debris and collet dirt or develop mold under rubber seals. On the other hand, undermounts are almost always a little more costly and they require very sturdy countertops such as marble, quartz or granite. Top mounted sinks properly installed and sealed require very little extra daily cleaning and may be well worth the savings if on a tight budget and can be used with any type of countertop including composite.

Materials and Durability

Coordinating the style of the sink with the rest of your kitchen renovation and cabinetry is of course mandatory if you want a beautiful kitchen. One would not install a ceramic farmer kitchen sink in a modern stainless-steel kitchen redesign. Fortunately, there are hundreds of designs and style in a wide array of materials from stainless to ceramic to enamel to acrylic and porcelain to tempered glass. Each have their strengths and weaknesses and levels of durability. Choosing a new Kitchen sink based on your use, durability and suitability needs is an important decision and one we can help with. We understand which finishes chip versus which finishes are prone to cracks and scratches and which are prone to burn marks, and which may dent.

We specialize in redesigning kitchen using Ikea products inducing cabinetry, countertops and sinks. This ensures you an affordable high-quality product with wide selection in materials, colours and design. With Manulock you get the best of both worlds, famous IKEA quality and warranty period with professional installation for a worry-free kitchen reno that enhances your home in both value and livability.

We are the professionals in Oshawa and Durham Region with extensive experience planning your new IKEA kitchen installation. Make sure you call us to receive a worry free professionally designed and installed kitchen that you will be proud of. Installing IKEA Kitchens is our specialty. Read more about our kitchen renovations and check our blog for many articles on IKEA Cabinets and How to Plan for IKEA.

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