Popular New Kitchen Ideas – Wall Ovens

One thing that everyone does in their kitchen is cook. When going for that sleek modern look, nothing says wow more than a built-in wall oven. Of all the most popular new kitchen ideas Oshawa home owners are investing in, in wall ovens ar having the biggest design impact.

If you do decide to implement a wall oven, then it is recommended that you work on design and planning with your local contractor first. Kitchen Design and layout becomes more important than ever. Maintenance access set up, safely, and wiring for in wall ovens are one of our specialties.

We can help guide you on decisions such as single or double wall oven and electric or gas. We also suggest that you consider convection heating when going to in wall ovens.

Kitchen Cabinetry Considerations

Once you have chosen your major appliances, now it is time to plan how you use your kitchen and the work flow that you prefer. It is a great opportunity to reconsider your kitchen cabinetry use and make the changes that will better organize your use of space. Open cabinetry, kitchen cabinets with built in organizers, Lazy Susans &are all options that may work for your particular kitchen needs. Many great new kitchen ideas will present themselves when selecting new kitchen cabinetry.

Kitchen Pot & Pan Racks

You’ve seen the tops kitchens in Better Homes and Gardens online and in the magazine. Many of them have pot & pan racks hanging within easy reach. No more fumbling underneath sinks and at the bottom of cupboards for that small soup pan or large fry pan. Simply reach out and grab the right pot the first time.

Implementing a great hanging pot and rack into your kitchen design ensures it is a compliment to your new kitchen remodeling effort, not an eyesore.

Upgrade The Dishwasher

The most neglected applicant in the kitchen is undoubtedly the dishwasher. Your new kitchen may have a gleaming new refrigerator, gorgeous double stove, beautiful under-mounted sinks, but what about the dishwasher? Are your kids trying to do their homework on the kitchen table after dinner, but you can’t hear each other because your 10-year-old dishwasher sounds like the neighbourhood garbage truck is operating in your kitchen? New moderns dishwashers function better, are much more energy efficient, and many have a whisper quiet mode to allow you to enjoy spending time in your new kitchen instead of trying to find the best room to escape the dishwasher torture sound test.

New Kitchen Ideas: Improve Ventilation

Cooking creates smells, some are glorious some very much less so. Three-day old cooking smells are definitely not glorious. Cooking can actually create harmful airborne contaminates, especially if cooking red meats. Recently even new restaurant rules have mandated better ventilation for worker safety. Your kitchen has a ventilation system and most stoves have a ventilation hood to help collect these airborne contaminates. When remodeling your kitchen take the time to inspect and modify this ventilation system with better insulation to ensure that the smells and the bad stuff are actually leaving your kitchen, not lingering in it.

We are the professionals in Oshawa and Durham Region with extensive experience planning and building kitchens. Make sure you call us to receive a worry free professionally designed and installed kitchen that you will be proud of. We are very experienced in IKEA Kitchens solutions. For more new kitchen ideas, read about our kitchen renovations and check our blog for many articles on IKEA Cabinets and How to Plan for IKEA.

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