Starting An IKEA Kitchen Project

We offer expert help at helping you plan and carry out your new IKEA kitchen project! We will perform an accurate measurement of your kitchen so that the design and materials ordered are all a perfect fit for your kitchen project. We will inspect the delivery from IKEA to ensure that all parts are correct and any missing pieces (it happens) are requested immediately to avoid project delay.

New Kitchen Project Plan

We will design & plan your new kitchen with you. This includes planning and marking all service / utility locations such as electric sockets, water connection, piping, gas lines (if required), and ventilation work. We will even work directly with many IKEA customization manufactures that supply fully customized fronts, door, and end panels. This gives your new kitchen project a full custom design and look specific only to your IKEA kitchen renovation.

Old Kitchen Removal & Preparation

We will remove all outdated kitchen materials that are no longer needed such as cabinetry, plumbing, back splash, and countertops. Refinishing of walls and installing new flooring is also handled if this is a full kitchen renovation project.

New IKEA Installation

We will handle the basic installation of your new IKEA kitchen. This includes all IKEA kitchen materials as outlined when we planned your kitchen renovation project with you. Typically, this includes Installation of all cabinetry, sinks, faucets, countertops and other materials from IKEA.

For a more unique custom kitchen design we can also undertake any customized work that your kitchen plan may require such as renovating a wall, moving plumbing and electrical outlets and installation of modern LED lighting systems.

IKEA Cabinetry Customization

We also work with several IKEA cabinetry customization manufacturers who can supply high quality options that include custom doors, fronts and end panels. Customizing IKEA kitchen cabinetry in this way has become a very popular way of differentiating your IKEA kitchen Project. This can result in a very unique custom kitchen design while maintaining that famous IKEA cost advantage and famous quality. This is the most economical way to uniquely provide your new kitchen with a decidedly upscale look without blowing the budget on a totally custom kitchen renovation.

All of our recommended IKEA customization suppliers are located right here in Ontario and manufacture locally shipping directly to your home. We plan any customization products in concert with your IKEA order so that it does not add additional time or delay to complete your new IKEA kitchen project.

IKEA Kitchen Project Specialists

We are the professionals in Oshawa and Durham Region with extensive experience for your new IKEA kitchen project. IRead more about our kitchen renovations and check our blog for many articles on IKEA Cabinets and How to Plan for IKEA.

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