New Flooring For Your Durham Region Home

New flooring renovation is a key component of any home renovation or remodeling. If you are doing a full home renovation, then new flooring for your Durham Region home most certainly will be a key ingredient. The first level of any home is the first flooring renovation target to upgrade. Primary areas include the entrance way, hallways, living space and kitchen. Floors on this level of the home makes a great impression immediately. If a major home renovation is being considered, flooring should be high on your list of approved projects. This is the first of four articles on floor materials for your Durham Region home.

New Flooring Costs & Features

Often when a renovation is actually more of an update and remodeling, new floors may be the only upgrade required. This is often the case when upgrading the entrance and living space with hardwood for that finishing touch! It is also one of the most popular upgrades for Condo owners.

Whether you are just upgrading your floors or doing a full home renovation, it is important that you understand the costs, durability, safety, and materials quality of your options to maximize your home investment.

Flooring Renovation Options

There are many floor material options for homeowners to choose from today. The important consideration when choosing your material, whether it is hard word, laminate, tile, or luxury vinyl, is to choose a quality product. Every type of  material has quality options from poor to very high quality. Choosing a better-quality product will save you money and time in the long run by providing years of durability while enhancing the look of your home and avoiding the cost of redoing the floors earlier than anticipated.

Higher quality materials provide benefits other than just durability that include enhanced appearance and safety. A safety tip is to avoid products with harmful chemicals that can be present in cheaper materials of all types including some treated woods.

Room By Room

Different rooms may require different materials. For example, carpet is not suitable for a kitchen, however it may be preferred in the bedroom. Even when choosing hardwood for a bedroom, area rugs may often be used for a warming effect.

Hallways and living areas are a prime area for hardwood upgrades. More exotic materials such as cork is a growing choice, however be aware that cork requires more careful maintenance.

Bathrooms are best suited to either man-made or natural tile or quality laminates due to their ability of resisting moisture damage and lifting.

Guidance & Installation

Manulock are experts at helping you choose appropriate materials best suited for your particular home, project, and budget. We can guide you on material quality levels for each room or use and provide superior professional installation. We are experts on flooring for your Durham Region home. Be sure to read all our Home Renovation Tips.

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