The Beauty Of Kitchen Marble Countertops

Marble Countertops are the most luxurious of  the natural countertop materials available in Durham Region.  It is considerably rarer to find marble kitchen countertops in today’s kitchen rather than granite or quartz. While marble countertops are not as durable as quartz or granite, there is no denying that kitchen marble countertops are considered the most luxurious and beautiful and are a status.symbol for your kitchen.

Stains, etching and scratches are much more likely to affect marble that granite or quartz, however proper sealing and maintenance can alleviate most issues. Marble countertops have the reputation of establishing a patina, a visible history of the cooking and food preparation that occurred on its surface, however many cooks consider this the beauty of their kitchen.

This is the third of a series of 4 articles on kitchen countertops, if your have not read the first article we recommend you read Kitchen Countertops first, in this article we will be focused on discussing Marble countertops, Our second article already covered Granite Countertops.

What are Marble Countertops

Marble is a stone found through out the Americas, Asia, and Europe. Perhaps the most famous marble is from Italy. Marble is a highly polished stone with a variety of mineral veins running through it providing a very luxurious and impressive countertop for your kitchen. Each slab of marble is unique, you will never find 2 identical patterns which helps make your marble kitchen countertops unique in all the world.

Marble is a very strong stone which does not chip or crack when installed properly and is very resistant to heat, however it is relatively easy to scratch and due to its porous composition, it stains very easily. Sealing marble upon installation and at least yearly thereafter is a must.

Choosing Marble Kitchen Countertops

Marble comes in a wide range of colours and hues but white is the overwhelming choice for kitchens. The most poplar designer marbles for a luxurious kitchen are the Italian Carrara, Calacatta and Statuario marbles. The cost of marble can depend on the grade of the stone which is determines by the pattern. These marbles are graded much the same as fine gems stones are.

Carrara marble is a slightly grey white with fine, feathered veining that is quite linear.

Calacatta marble is a rarer marble that is less grey than Carrara marble showing larger more dramatic veining that results in bolder patterns.

Statuario marble is the most expensive of the marbles found in Italy and displays a very bold veining that can shift from grey to a golden hue.

On of the largest North American importers of Marble is right here in Ontario, check out their selection of Marble slabs, we can help you select the perfect stone and then install it for you!

Types of Finish For Your Kitchen Marble Countertops

Marble has a luxurious look and even feel that no other stone can bring to your kitchen and is usually offered in 3 finish types: polished, honed, and leather.

Polished finish is the most popular because is reduced the porous nature of the stone while bring a very slick sheen to the surface of the countertop. The downsize is that the marble remains very susceptible to etching unless properly sealed.

A honed finish is also quite luxurious as the surface is sanded to a beautiful matte finish with a velvety smooth touch, however this finish opens the pores and makes the stone even more susceptible to staining. Again, sealing is a must.

Leather finish is an antique like finish that is added after honing the stone. It brings a luxurious semi-sheen finish to the typical honed matte finish and is becoming more popular because of its luxurious sheen.

Maintaining your new Marble Kitchen Countertops

Whichever finish you choose, a good penetrating sealant is recommended yearly. This will seep deep into the porous stone and seal the pores. The stone does not become waterproof; however, it will give any typical home owner the time needed to wipe food residue and liquids from the surface before it can stain the stone.

Careful cleaning of your marble countertops will keep this most luxurious of all-natural countertop materials beautiful for decades, however if you are the type of cook that leaves the kitchen littered with pots and spills till the next morning after cooking a meal, this is not the countertop for you, perhaps a Granite countertop of Quartz countertop is a better choice for your kitchen.

On the other hand, if you wipe up spills as they occur and clean your countertop with a soft cloth and mild liquid, you will enjoy your marble countertops for many years, and no other kitchen will glow with quite as much beauty.

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