Beginner Guide to Landscaping 2019

First and foremost, develop your plan with your landscaping professional. Ensure that it covers not only garden and stonework design but also maintenance issues like water runoff to protect the house and avoid damaging the lawn and garden. Proper design and grading can eliminate puddles in Spring and dangerous ice patches in Winter. Landscaping in 2019 should be as much about maintaining a great landscape as it is about creating your initial look and curb appeal. This beginner guide to landscaping will map out some of the

Planning For The Long Term

The next decision  in our beginner guide to landscaping is not where to start, it is about what to build. Creating a landscaping 2019 plan includes planning for the future and planning for your ability to provide maintenance to what you have built.

Rome was not built in a day and you do not have to fill every inch of your space right now. A great landscaping plan for 2019 is a long-term plan that involves investing in your landscaping over a period of time as you acquire the budget to really increase the value of your home.

Remember one you have created a great landscape plan, you must also have the resources in either time or money to maintain it properly. When you have decided on a design plan and what your needs are then you are ready to consider next steps.

Landscaping  2019 Where to Start

Start your work in the front yard and create a welcoming entrance to the home. This should include a paved walkaway and stairs that meet the Ontario Building Code Requirements. This is the perfect opportunity for flagstone or interlock to beautify the walkway and the stairs.

Retaining walls and raised beds can bring a sense of increased dimension to even a smaller front yard while designating areas of the yard for specific purposes.

The Back Yard

The back yard is where the family spends their time. Privacy can be enhanced by building a fence that compliments the landscaping and can be integrated right into the deck if desired. If you plan to add an outdoor kitchen or BBQ areas with seating, ensure there is level stonework for safe kitchen practices that is properly designed for drainage. A summer storm can cause water build up and puddles that may last for many days making your outdoor kitchen unpleasant and susceptible to fungus.

Define And Separate with Transitions

Your landscaping 2019 plan should incorporate design that provides features, safety, and privacy that compliments existing materials while providing smooth transition between outdoor and indoor. Work with your landscaper to create transitions between landscaping areas. The transitions should appear natural yet obvious, one should never wonder if they are now standing in the eating area, the play area or have entered the vegetable garden. Utilizing your natural topography or creating one with stone, raised beds, etc. can make smooth transitions between areas that are look natural yet are clearly defined.

Landscaping 2019 Keeping Tidy

Where will you store all the stuff you need to maintain the yard? Watering hoses, hoes, garbage bins, composter, that wood pile you want to chop one day? Well if you planned well from the start you have created additional spaces between walls, fences etc. that are perfect nooks to store all your everyday material needs out of site yet easy to access when required.

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