Choosing Laminate Flooring

There is a very wide range of laminate flooring styles and finishes as well as a wide range in terms of quality dependent upon your budget. Laminate floors can be purchased quite cheaply or fairly expensive depending upon how luxurious you wish your floors to appear. However laminate flooring installation is important, it must be installed properly with the appropriate under padding to avoid “hollow” noises from the flooring.

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How Laminate Flooring Is Made

Modern laminates are made from multiple layers that are fused together under great pressure. The main layer is a thicker layer of high-density fiberboard. This layer is the structural layer of the flooring. The bottom layer is made of a resin that is moisture resistant adding durability and stability to the board. The layer of top of the fiberboard is a 3D photographic layer that provides the luxurious look of wood. The quality and detail of this layer is what will determine the quality of the look for your floors. The very top layer is a transparent layer designed to protect the photographic layer from scratches and wear. This layer can have a matte, semi gloss, or highly polished look depending on finish chosen.

The quality and number of these layers will determine the final look and how closely it resembles real wood. Today’s technology can create a look that is almost indistinguishable from hardwood by the untrained eye yet provide complete durability in areas that would not be suitable for real hardwood. In general, more layers mean more durability and increased costs.

Laminate Flooring Design Choices

Some of the styles and looks available that have become extremely realistic and popular include hand scraped, high gloss, and even embossed. Embossed layers can provide even more fine detail for an extremely realistic hardwood look.

Hand scarped has always been popular providing that natural look but lately very high gloss finishes have become extremely popular, especially in larger areas like extended dinning/living rooms popular in condos and smaller homes.

Where To Use Laminate Flooring

Laminate is usually chosen to improve the living quality of an area and for high traffic that may take abuse rather than home resale value. If installing new flooring is being done to increases your home resale value, then choose real hardwood as laminate is unlikely to increase your home value appreciably. Due to its moisture resistance laminate is an acceptable choice for bathrooms and basements. However if you have a child that spills a gallon of water on the bathroom floor every bath time, choose tile instead.

Many homeowners will choose hardwood or engineered wood in prime areas of the home and then put laminate in secondary areas that may take more abuse.

Laminate Flooring Installation

When installing laminate flooring, the under pad is extremely important as well as secure installation to prevent a hollow walking noise when shoes are worn on laminate. This is a common issue when laminate is installed incorrectly.

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