Kitchen Upgrades That Can Make a Real Difference

Kitchen Upgrades in Oshawa right now are enormously popular! If you are considering a kitchen renovation, you should know that significant advancements have been made to space saving, increasing efficiency, using technology and ease of use. Now we all know that appliances have seen important and necessary upgrades so I won’t talk about those, onto the newest and brightest kitchen upgrade ideas! We are going to talk about kitchen upgrades in Oshawa that you can begin now!

Kitchen Upgrades That Save Space

Space saving: Most people will have a strong opinion regarding corner cabinets or lazy Susan’s. The majority of people hate them, so I have to ask why? Quite frankly, it’s a waste of space, things fall off the sides, you turn and turn but never find anything, the doors almost always get loose and look bad. So how can we fix it? We now have designs that utilize the full potential of the cabinet! We have the traditional corner cabinet but instead of a lazy Susan that goes around in a circle. The insert comes out, like a drawer. But wait there’s more; there are also cabinets that look like a corner cabinet but actually have 3 sides making the best use of the space. This is a well thought out kitchen upgrade!

How about a Kitchen Upgrade that ADDS space

Another common problem; where do you put your baking sheets, cake pans and cutting boards? Well instead of wasting that space under your cabinet with decorative kick plates why not add some extra space? By adding drawers in that space you now have a huge space available for all your needs.

Increasing efficiency. Think of what your main problems are when cooking; not enough outlets, you can never find the spice or herb you’re looking for, your garbage is really hard to open…. Whatever your needs are, we got you covered!

Powerful Kitchen Upgrade

Let us install some hidden pop-up outlets for you. They are designed with 3 or more outlets, some have USB ports and they pop-up when you need them then tuck away into your counter top when you’re done. With an ever increasing need for power, I don’t know how we’ve managed to survive without this.

Spice racks, we need them but we don’t really want to see them anymore. Gone are the old twirly things that only hold 12 of the same sized bottles. The modern approach is to tuck away your spices neatly in a drawer so they are all visible at once, the containers can vary in size/height and everything is accessible.

A Kitchen Upgrade That Helps You Clean Up

Now, onto a problem I know everyone has: your hands are covered in god knows what and you need to throw it out but how do you open the garbage? With your feet you say; sometimes the top doesn’t open all the way, or the bag shifts and you get garbage all over the side of the receptacle. A new option is to have a chute built in to your countertop, so you can chop and push all the garbage down the chute. Saving you time a taking out a step and a trip to the garbage.

Kitchen Upgrades In Oshawa That Actually Make a Difference

Some of these ideas may seem unnecessary or even over the top, but with the holiday season fast descending on all of us here in Oshawa it makes me think how much easier preparing a feast for 20 people could be if some of these inventive ideas were in your kitchen. Most of these upgrades won’t increase your total costs by much but they will increase the everyday usability of your kitchen space. The only problem you’ll have is finding new recipes to try out on your friends.

I hope you have enjoyed our Kitchen Upgrade tips! Read our Reno Tips Blog page for more great tips! Manulock are experts at taking care of your home renovations and are specialists on Kitchen Renovation in Oshawa & Durham Region.

We handle many kitchen upgrades in Oshawa and Durham Region and look forward to doing yours!

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