The Kitchen Trend 2018

A huge increase in home cooking in 2017 that will continue to drive the design of the modern kitchen in 2018 as the trend moves towards alternative cooking methods and technologies.  This has a big affect on the modern kitchen in 2018.  One of the changes seen by busy families is cooking large batches of meals and freezing them for the week ahead. Do moms and dads really have time to cook healthy meals for the entire family every night of the week? You bet they don’t, and that is driving a new kitchen trend.

Alternative Cooking Methods and The Modern Kitchen 2018

Cooking a food batch and freezing it over the weekend becomes and mom & dad project that guarantees the family prepare healthy meals quickly during the week because they were prepared when time was available. Batch and freeze cooking in done over the weekend when most families do have some extra time. There are many improved tools for alternative cooking methods in today’s busy modern kitchen.

During the week your family simply heats up the meals of choice when everyone arrives from their busy work or school day.

Being able to do this in an organized manner requires planning and well laid out kitchen space that is large meal production friendly. You must also have the storage space to hold the ingredients and frozen storage once all the food is made. This requires proper kitchen space planning and space for frozen storage, counter top space for meal preparation and cooking facilities for a variety of meals to make the whole process workable.

Kitchen Design & Layout Is Important

In a modern kitchen in 2018 there are a wide range of quality kitchen appliance choices today that can assist your main cooking range if you have properly laid out the counter top space. This may include pressure cookers, induction cookers, advanced toaster ovens etc. Designing your drawers/cabinetry to work harder can free up a lot of counter top space for food preparation.

The Modern Kitchen in 2018

The modern kitchen is evolving to meet the needs of a busy working household. Some families have downsized their homes and therefore need to make better use of a smaller kitchen space, while other families have regained size due to the “boomerang kids” phenomenon. As housing costs and shortages increase throughout the GTA and Oshawa / Durham Region, families are getting larger when young adults return home to the nest.  When redesigning your new kitchen it is important to take stock of what your family needs are and create a plan that can address the real day to day kitchen duties while still allowing it to become a center hub for the family during meals.

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