Top 5 Kitchen Renovation Tips – Choosing a Kitchen Sink

This week’s Top 5 kitchen renovation tips focuses on choosing a kitchen sink. It’s finally time to update your kitchen sink but there are so many options where do you start? First of all are you need to assess your use of the kitchen sink. Do you love cooking and try to cook or bake something everyday? Or are you the person who knows they have a kitchen, or maybe that was the last place we had …. This will play a significant part in selecting a kitchen sink and basin that is right for you. We will review your options by colour, material, mounting and how to match your faucet. It sounds like a lot but we will make it as harmless as possible.

#1 Tip On Choosing a Kitchen Sink Is Colour

I will let you down gently; colour options are only available in enamel and solid surface as stainless steel only comes in silver.

#2 Tip On Choosing a Kitchen Sink Is Materials

The most popular materials available for you to choose from are stainless steel, enamel and solid surface.

Stainless Steel
PROS: The most durable, affordable and easy to maintain kitchen sink. It will not dent or chip, the colour will not fade and you will not have to clean the sink with any expensive cleaners.
CONS: You may see some surface scratches or small divots caused by water drying on the surfaces.

PROS: Enamel sinks are easy to clean and can withstand extreme heat. They come in 2 options: enamel-on-cast iron or enamel-on-steel.
CONS: Enamel-on-steel sinks chip or crack when items are dropped inside them. Damaged enamel can cause the metal underneath to rust.

Solid Surface
PROS: Because the sink and countertop are seamless it is the cleanest option for you. You don’t have any spaces between the silicone and the sink to trap foods and bacteria. This is a very sleek and modern look.

CONS: In the event that the sink or countertop needs repair or replacement, you have to remove the entire piece for repairs. This could be a very costly repair. This kitchen sink does not stand up very well against chips, cracks, dents and heat.

#3 Tip On Choosing a Kitchen Sink Is Basin Options

All kitchen sinks made in the materials above are available in multiple basin options such as single bowl, double bowls, triple bowls, rounded corners, square corners and built in areas for drying. You will have to determine the best option based on your needs.

#4 Tip On Choosing a Kitchen Sink Is: Under Mount Or Drop-in?

Drop-In sinks are just that, they ‘drop in’ into the countertop and have a visible lip around the perimeter that rests on the counter. These kitchen sinks are the easiest to clean, they are easy to install, generally less expensive and can be used with any type of countertop.

Undermount kitchen sinks are installed under the countertop, hiding the rim. This is usually done by a professional or at least a skilled handy-man. These are the best option for small kitchens, they make cleaning the countertop easier and are known as a luxury upgrade for resale value.

#5 Tip On Choosing a Kitchen Sink Is Faucet Selection

First, select the finish you like and the options you need based on your use. If you do not plan on having a dishwasher then an extendable sprayer nozzle would be a must have for washing dishes. Are your hands always covered in flour or whatever you are cooking at the moment? Then a touch-less water handle would be a dream come true. Keep in mind that long spouts are great to reach multiple bowls as long as you have the space for it. Short spouts are ideal if you have to fit your faucet under a tight cabinet or window casing.

Now that you’ve read these Top 5 Kitchen Renovation Tips go back to the store and make an informed decision! Be sure to read our Kitchen Renovations page for more information and check out all our Reno Tips!

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