Kitchen Design Influences

There are many cooking and baking shows on Television these days from best chefs to worst chefs and challenges to kids baking. The popularity of these shows has helped to drive interest in the kitchen and ultimately kitchen design and kitchen functionality.

Layouts, tools and equipment seen on these shows are transforming the everyday kitchen as the kitchen become the central room in the family home for discussions and collaboration while making interesting meals for the whole family

How kitchens perform is now being looked at by home owners as we become more involved jhow we prepare food, and what types of food we cook and bake.

The Development Of Kitchen Functionality

Convenience and kitchen functionality are becoming important and driving the kitchen design layouts which in turn is affecting the style of equipment and the materials we use in a 2018 kitchen.

Kitchens have become the central hub for the entire house which in turn demands more people space which is driving open concept kitchens that allow better use of space to increase kitchen functionality.

Everything in a kitchen from sinks and faucets to cabinetry and appliances and even kitchen fixtures themselves are adapting to the new needs that modern kitchen functionality demands. In other words what we cook and how we cook it affects kitchen design and kitchen functionality.

Kitchen Design Is Influenced By What We Cook And Eat

There has never been a better time to redesign a kitchen from the ground up to take advantage of all the improvements that fixtures, appliance and cabinetry have undergone to maximise the kitchen layout.  As Diet and cooking requirements change healthier food planning takes center stage, the family kitchen must be efficient in productivity design as well as family space in its expanded roll as the social center of the home.

When one examines kitchen design for evidence that diet and cooking methods have caused changes the impact can clearly be seen. Even though total kitchen space in some cases may have shrunk, we see that innovation and open concepts have increased the actual usability space to improve the cooking process, save energy, allow easier cleanup and make the entire kitchen a more family friendly place to congregate.

These design influences are magnified in the GTA / Durham Region as we are the most diverse area in North America and with that diversity comes a wide choice of culinary tastes to explore.

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