Few Oshawa home owner investments make as big a first impression as landscaping your front yard and laying interlock for your driveway, walkway and flagstone for your front steps. An interlock driveway or interlock walkway is a fabulous introduction to your home that is sure to impress. An interlock patio enhances the backyard for the entire family! The beautiful look is only outdone by the lifelong durability of interlock and flagstone, it will last a lifetime. When you look at the long-term investment return of interlock nothing else even come close. Maintenance is low, and durability is sky high!

Let’s look at the main alternative to an interlock driveway or interlock walkway: concrete.


First up, lets examine the case of concrete that is poured to fake the look of real interlock. And many people will be surprised to learn that concrete is high maintenance and subject to cracking.

Concrete can be made to look very beautiful when it is first poured, coloured and finished, and it is somewhat less expensive. But it is not so affordable when you must keep fixing cracks. Durability is not its strong point, neither is low repair costs! Your stone patio or driveway on the other hand is very low maintenance and lasts much much longer.

Your Interlock patio will survive many Oshawa winters

Cracked-concrete-Oshawa-interlock driveway-interlock walkway-Durham-Region-Ontario-

Failed Concrete

When homeowners make a choice ion which materials to use for their walkway, patio, or driveway it means looking at all the costs, durability and repairs bills that will come. If you choose concrete, it is not so much if your concrete pad breaks and cracks, it is most assuredly a matter of when it breaks and cracks. In climates like Oshawa and Durham Region that can swing from hot summers to freezing cold winters with ice and water run offs in the spring, concrete issues abound. Your land will continue to settle, the solid concrete pad driveway cracks. Ice forms in the cracks over winter and spreads the crack the length or width of your driveway or patio. Water run off in the spring erodes the soil between the cracks, the concreted begins its ugly crumbling routine that you have all seen on the underside of bridges and the underside of highway overpasses. This is not a good look and it will repeat every 3 to 5 years or so. Concrete repair, pattern matching, and colouring is expensive and often it never looks quite like a match as it once did. This will never happen with your stone patio or driveway! Your individual stone patio will survive many Oshawa winters and perform beautifully for you to enjoy your Oshawa Spring, Summer, and Fall!

Interlock driveway for your Oshawa home

Interlock stones on the other hand do not suffer this type of failure that concrete is susceptible to. Individual stones can be replaced if it gets discoloured by a severe oil leak from a visitors car, snow plow damage or scraping is not cause for alarm like on a concrete driveway. If any single stone needs replacement a new stone will match immediately because we give you extras from the same batch of stone your driveway was first laid with.

The most beautiful designs can be built in when using real stones that will never wear out, crack or heave . They come in a huge range of colours, sizes, textures and are super easy to maintain and very low maintenance. No matter how heavy a load you park on your driveway or how used the walkway from your back yard to the door to your patio, you will never wear it out. Stone walkways and roads still exist in Italy that were built many centuries ago.

An Interlock driveway or interlock walkway or patio for your Oshawa home is the ultimate curb appeal investment and one that lasts at least as long as your home will.

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