How To Install An IKEA Kitchen

So you decided you want a brand spankings new IKEA kitchen, We don’t blame you and we are right there with you. It’s hard to beat the design, quality and cost of an IKEA kitchen when it is installed properly.  Notice the that little gotcha “properly installed”? Installing IKEA kitchens is not as easy as assembling one of their beds or desks. An IKEA kitchen installation really is a job for professionals, and not only that it is for professionals that have had a heck of a lot of experience specifically installing IKEA kitchens. So then, Lets talk about How To Install An IKEA Kitchen!

What Could Go Wrong With An IKEA Kitchen Installation?

Pretty much everything if not installed properly. An IKEA kitchen can look like a kitchen right out of Popular Homes Magazine if done right, or it can look awful.  Some contractors even refuse to install an IKEA kitchen. But experienced IKEA kitchen experts like we have at Manulock can help you plan your IKEA kitchen right from the start so that the plan actually does fit your kitchen space. We also know all the hidden options for custom doors and hardware that are not obvious when ordering your IKEA kitchen.  If you have the wrong plan for the space in your kitchen you are never going to end up with the dream kitchen you anticipated.

If even one cabinet is not assembled properly the entire installation can warp and not hang properly causing a sloppy look and potentially damaging your wall. Discovering this after installing on the wall is an expensive and time consuming rookie mistake that is actually quite common.

Installing IKEA Kitchens Properly

Here is a customer looking for help online after having a week of IKEA trouble with a contractor that does not have experience installing IKEA kitchens. An IKEA kitchen can save you a  lot of money by providing amazing quality for a great price, don’t ruin your new dream kitchen by skimping on the installation which is after all the most important step and the one step that will make it your kitchen

Guild to How To Install An IKEA Kitchen

This IKEA kitchen designer in the US put together a 14-step instruction on how to assemble and install an IKEA kitchen but admits she messed it up themselves. She rightly claims “It is not a job for the faint of heart”

  • Properly designing and installing an IKEA kitchen requires the following
  • properly planning the layout
  • Know which walls are not flat or plumb and prepare to shim
  • accurate measuring of the existing space
  • moving plumbing fixtures if necessary
  • moving electrical outlets if necessary
  • Proper inventory control (more than 220 items may be delivered for installation, don’t lose any)
  • Proper inspection for damaged materials upon receipt.

We are the professionals in Oshawa and Durham Region with extensive experience planning your new IKEA kitchen installation. Make sure you call us to receive a worry free professionally designed and installed kitchen that you will be proud of. Installing IKEA Kitchens is our specialty. Read more about our kitchen renovations and check our blog for many articles on IKEA Cabinets and How to Plan for IKEA.

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