IKEA Kitchen Cabinets – SEKTION

As you probably already know, the kitchen is the number one room in a house to upgrade that gets the best Return On Investment (ROI). The core of any new kitchen design is of course the cabinet system that is chosen. Our number one recommendation for kitchen renovation is to now IKEA Cabinets, more specifically the new IKEA kitchen cabinets system called SEKTION. Kitchen Cabinets Installation is also one of our specialties.

Fastest Growing Line of Kitchen Cabinets

The fastest growing kitchen cabinet line in the world today is from IKEA. The reasons are many but include Price, Modular Design, Warranty, and of course the massive design and material options you have to choose from with excellent quality of product.

For many years IKEA Kitchen Cabinets sold the AKURUM design line which for over 2 decades have given IKEA a reputation for both low price and good quality. But now in recent years the entire IKEA Kitchen Cabinet line has been totally redesigned with the introduction of the SEKTION line of kitchen cabinets raising the quality level considerably while maintaining an extremely attractive price.

SEKTION Kitchen Cabinets Line

The SEKTION kitchen cabinet line is the worlds most complete modular kitchen cabinetry products. Offering incredible layout options with very sleek and modern design, these frameless cabinets can maximize your space in literally any size kitchen. Utilizing state of the art particle board  technology and medium density fiberboard to lower costs while adding strength, the key to their durability is the new superior quality hardware used in their design. They are incredibly durable and can stand up to many years of family use. The all metal design for drawers and high-quality dampeners & hinges ensure that all the moving parts of an IKEA kitchen cabinet will last for decades. IKEA are so confident in their new kitchen cabinetry design that you get a 25-year warranty on the entire line.

Core Kitchen Renovation

The core of any kitchen revolves around the cabinetry, we prefer IKEA SEKTION Kitchen cabinets for all our Durham Region customers for price, flexibility of design, and quality of product. We can provide superior custom installation of your IKEA kitchen as part of our total kitchen renovation package or we can just install the cabinetry for you to ensure your kitchen redesign starts off on the right foot. Proper kitchen cabinets installation is important to ensure long trouble free service from your new cabinets.

Cabinet Customization

Extensive customization options are available right from IKEA, just take a look at some of the door options, in addition, we have access to companies that can design custom door and drawer fronts to fit your IKEA SEKTION kitchen cabinets for an exclusive to your home look. Check out the complete line of IKEA SEKTION products.

We are available to plan your entire kitchen remodeling project, help you select the right IKEA Kitchen cabinetry for your project, pick it up for you at the IKEA Whitby – Oshawa Pickup Point, inspect it to ensure all pieces and hardware are present (You’d be surprised how often some key pieces may be missing), and professionally install the entire system for you.

Specializing in IKEA Kitchen Cabinets Installation

Review our main Kitchen Renovations page for best kitchen information! Manulock Construction is the #1 rated home renovation company serving Oshawa and Durham region! Read our Tips Blog for tips on any home renovation project! Manulock is your Oshawa based Durham Region kitchen renovation firm specializing in IKEA kitchen installations.

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