Kitchen Designs For 2020

IKEA has made some great changes and choices in kitchen designs for 2020. The catalogue is of course available at their store and on their website. You can also download it on that page by using the blue download button on the lower right of their page. Right off the bat, you will notice that Ikea 2020 kitchen designs are dominated by an array of different monochromatic kitchen colours and that backsplash treatments are in for a new look.

Monochromatic Colours

Look at the colours in the Ikea 2020 kitchen designs catalogue and you see deep monochromatic colours with lighter countertops. These deep monochromatic colours have an instant impact on your kitchen. Dark greys and deep greens are very hot with IKEA right now and this look is becoming popular with all kitchen suppliers for 2020. It is very fresh and clean look with high impact; you notice this kitchen immediately.

Black Splashes Make Big Appearance

Backsplashes received more attention from IKEA for 2020. In many cases IKEA is continuing the backsplash design to include the entire wall. To compliment a kitchen with a deep monochromatic colour and full wall backsplash, brighten the kitchen with a lighter coloured quartz or marble countertop. You will also notice that a kitchen design trend this year with IKEA is wooden flooring in a lighter stain to open the kitchen up.

IKEA Kitchens For 2020 Feature Wood Flooring

You can’t help but notice that wood floors are in almost all the catalogue images in the IKEA Kitchen Designs for 2020. This is a big change and it is not only IKEA that is going this way. Wood floors are one of the biggest design trends we are seeing in kitchen renovations planned for the upcoming year.

Floor to Ceiling Wall Cabinets

IKEA has really gotten into wall to ceiling floor cabinets this year. Some of these designs are floating cabinets that help in managing kitchen maintenance and cleaning. These are big, sturdy cabinets that require professional installation to ensure trouble free long-term use. They provide the extra storage space that every kitchen eventually needs more of.

Cabinet Door Design

Broken pattern cabinet door design has become very popular and IKEA are right there with several broken pattern door designs to bring a splash of colour to your new kitchen. Last year it was broken pattern rugs making an impact, for 2020 cupboard doors are joining the look to spice up your kitchen.

Summing Up IKEA 2020 Kitchen Design

This coming year the IKEA 2020 Kitchen trend is deep/dark monochromatic colours, wood floors and larger backsplashes which might cover the entire wall.  For those going in a different direction than deep monochromatic colors, broken pattern cupboard doors are a hot kitchen trend to update your kitchen for 2020.

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