This is part 2 of a 3-part article on home renovation if you have not read part 1, read it now: Home Renovation Plan. In this article, part two, we will be discussing how to choose a renovation contractor in Durham Region

Prepare Before Meeting With Any Renovation Contractors

Before you meet with a renovation contractor take time to make some hard choices related to budget. Review which of those things on your list are must have changes versus which of those are nice to have but are dependent on the cost. If you have a well-defined list of home improvement needs and wants it will be easy for you to check off what stays and what goes later when you get quotes from contractors.  Make sure that the quotes are broken down to show a cost for each item on your wants and needs list.

Choose A Home Renovation Contractor In Durham Region

Local is best. Once you know your finances and you have developed a full list of wants and must haves, it is time to get those quotes. Make a list of home renovators, try to pick a firm in your area, if you are in Oshawa choose a renovation contractor in Oshawa or at least a home renovator in Durham Region.

Size Matters

Make sure that they are capable of doing the job you have for them. If they are busy building new homes and you are just renovating a kitchen or basement, you may not be high on their priority list when it come time to getting things done. You’ve heard of horror stories of jobs taking forever to get done, this is usually due to your particular project being a low priority to the contractor. Compounding this is the fact that there is definitely a shortage of skilled tradesmen in Ontario. Make sure your contractor is experienced in what you want done.  Also ensure that the job is neither too big for them to take on nor too small for it to be important to them. A very positive sign that your job is important to them is if a partner or owner from the contractor is working with you.

Working With The Home Renovation Contractor

By planning and building your “repair” list, your “must have” list and your “nice to have” renovation list you will ensure that you can stay on target financially. This list will help you talk intelligently to renovation contractors to get the quote you really need. Selecting the right renovation contractor in Durham Region will ensure that the job actually gets done according to plan.

In our next article, part three, we will be discussing the quote process, the physical renovation plan and working with the contractor.

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