This is part three of our series on planning, selecting and working with your Durham Region contractor on any house renovation project. We recommend you read part one and part two first. When meeting with a home improvement contractor to obtain a quote, have your list of must haves, repairs, and “nice to have’s” at the ready. Then carry out a full home walk-through with the contractor. Discuss the repairs that should be added in. Pay attention to any recommendations the contractor may have  for your home remodeling project if he/she finds things that you have missed or overlooked.

Your House Renovation Must Have List

Make sure to explain to the Home remodeling contractor what the overall goal for improved lifestyle to the home that this project must achieve. Explore if they may be able to offer valuable input to achieving it.

You must also set goals with the house renovation contractor as to how the job moves forward, what happens when and how it will affect the function of the house for your family. Getting a firm understanding of any inconveniences and a timeline that washrooms, kitchens and other home assets will be unavailable to the family allows you to work with a schedule that the family can live with and make alternate arrangements for.

Your Home Improvement Repair List

Make sure the contractor included your repair list in the house renovation cost and can address them all if that area of the home is not being torn out. For example, you do not have to repair kitchen plumbing if you are ripping it all out, but if the basement bathroom has a plumbing issue and is not being redone then make sure these repairs are made first so that the home has an alternate washroom when one or more other washrooms are being renovated and are unavailable. Every home improvement project plan should deal with existing repair needs.

Your Home Remodeling Wish List

If you have a wish list make sure to walk through this list item by time and get a total cost for each of these items to help you decide which items may remain for a future project and which can be moved to the must have list.

Review Suggest Home Remodeling Alternate plans

There is more than one way to do layout the same room, if your contractor is a skilled space planner pay attention to their recommendations on how to better utilize space after looking at your current layout and understanding how the room is used and how traffic flows through your home. Proper planning can make all the difference between one contractors’ renovation to your home and another contractor with limited planning skills.

Once you have selected a home renovator for your project, make sure that you understand the contract completely before signing. Have firm dates on when you have access and do not have access to certain areas of your home so that the family has the ability to adapt to changing environment.

Ensure that all Durham Region permits are in place for the house renovation, if a stop work order come sin this could be costly or if you are told to tear down your improvements would be disastrous.

Communicate Clearly With Your Home Improvement Contractor

Communicate clearly with your contractor to ensure the job is finished on time and within budget. If you know what to expect and when to expect it then you and your family will be able to adapt easily to the disruption in your home. Because you have made good choices in determining your must have list, repair list, and wish list, your new house renovation project will provide you many years of improved lifestyle while tremendously increasing the value of your home.

Your Durham Region Contractor

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