Granite Countertops Are Perfect For Your Oshawa Kitchen

Granite kitchen countertops are made from large slabs of granite and come in an extremely wide range of colours. Kitchen granite countertops are usually found in the following finishes:  polished, sandblasted, brushed, and flamed. Granite is an all-natural material. It is an igneous rock that contains natural quartz, mica and feldspar. It is mined worldwide including here in Canada with the largest granite operation right here in Ontario. This is the second of a series of 4 articles on kitchen countertops, if your have not read the first article we recommend you read Kitchen Countertops first, in this article we will be focused on discussing granite countertops.

Granite is the most durable of the three most popular kitchen countertop materials (Marble, Quartz, Granite) and is considerably more durable than marble for kitchen countertop use. Quart may give Granite a run for its money in terms of durability however quartz is not a natural material, it is a man made engineered stone.

Kitchen Granite Countertops Are Low Maintenance

Granite requires very little maintenance other than sealing when installed and then repeat the sealing every year after that. After the initial sealing, you can seal the granite yearly yourself. Granite countertops are impervious to heat, cracking, scratches and if sealed are also stain free and safe from chemical spills. Because granite is a porous stone, it must be sealed after installing your kitchen granite countertop. Once sealed, cleaning is a simple matter of warm water, soap and a cloth, do not use harsh chemicals to allow the sealant to last.

Granite kitchen countertops are also installed in large slab sections requiring very few seams for the average kitchen and the seams are almost invisible when installed by a professional.

When cutting food, a butcher block is recommended because cutting directly on a granite countertop will quickly dull your knives.

Few home upgrades will stand the test of time that a granite kitchen countertop will and with minimal maintenance they will hold their value for decades as they can look as new as the day you installed them 25 years from now.

Granite Kitchen Countertops Beautify Your Kitchen

Granite is one of the most beautiful countertop materials and can easily become the centerpiece of your new kitchen or added as an amazing upgrade that brings new life to an older kitchen.

Because granite is an all-natural stone every slab is 100% unique in terms of its pattern. You will never see another kitchen with the same pattern countertops as yours. Choosing a slab and pattern is one of the fun aspects of upgrading your kitchen with granite countertops The many colours, shades and natural patterns makes it easy to find a match for your kitchen to compliment your flooring, cabinetry, and appliances!

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