Your basement has the largest potential for expanding your family living space or adding private living space to your home. Depending on the age of your family you may want a finished basement for added space, a basement in-law suite, a basement apartment for rental income or just a basement renovation to update an existing space to more modern standards.

Finished Basement For “The Kids”

If you have a young family, a finished basement is the perfect solution for adding safe yet durable space for the family to grow. Children can play and have friends over to the house within a worry free play zone that can take rugged playtime that the living room filled with finer furniture and less rugged flooring materials cannot.

Dropping a young boys metal truck on basement carpeting is now the OMG experience it is on fine living room wood flooring. Hosting aa birthday party for your 8-year-old daughter and 13 of her best friends in a properly finished basement is more fun for the kids and less intrusive on the rest of the home. As they grow to become teenagers it will become “their” living room while you keep yours upstairs.

In short, a professionally finished basement is the ultimate home expansion for a young growing family.

Basement In-Law Suite

If you have a parent who is older but not ready for a home, a basement in-law suite may be the ultimate solution. You are they if they need you, yet they have the privacy that they deserve. Modern in-law suites built to the latest safety standards are extremely comfortable living quarters that my be the perfect solution. If you have previously finished your basement for your own kids who have left the nest it can economically be converted to an in-law suite if desired.

Basement Suite For Returning Children

Has your son or daughter returned home after college? Do you want to gibe them a head start as they save for a home? A basement suite for your child offers great living space plus the privacy you both need to make the living arrangement work.

Basement Apartment For Income Opportunity.

Perhaps you are empty nesters, your children have established their own homes. You may not need all the space you have but moving from a home you spend many years in may also not be the right move. Fishing the basement into a legal and safe apartment can earn a large income each month as extreme pressure on rentals affect all of Durham Region and the GTA.

Having a professional design, a safe and legal basement apartment finished nicely can bring extra income while increasing the value of your home at the same time.

As you can see there are various sages of your home’s life that a finished basement can.

Basement Renovation – Safety

The number one concern when finishing a basement for any purpose is safety. Lighting, furnace safety, gas lines, venting, accessibility and choice of materials are all extremely important in ensuring the safety of the occupants whether they be children, parents, or renters.

Manulock Construction are experts at planning, designing, building and ensuring your new basement renovation meets or exceeds all standards that ads both space and value to your home.

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