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In this article we will discuss the benefits of a wood fence vs. vinyl fence vs. composite fence vs. iron fence for your Oshawa / Durham Region home. Fencing can solve many home ownership issues including keeping stray animals out, keeping pets in, and of course providing privacy for your family. It is also excellent for solving problems with less than ideal neighbours. The type of fencing you choose for your home can have a dramatic impact on the maintenance required of you to keep it in tip top condition. Fencing also adds value to your home and to your family’s lifestyle. When considering fencing it is wise to consider the size of the property to fence, the style of your home, the materials your home is built with and the benefits you wish to achieve from your new fence.

Wood Fence

The most popular fence in North America is the wood fence. It has been a traditional favorite for many years and offers a wide range of looks, finishes and durability. A wood fence may require annual maintenance such as painting or staining depending on the type of wood fence you choose. A wood fence that has been chemically treated is much more durable and requires less maintenance.

Wood fences excel at providing the freedom of custom design as well as privacy. The beauty that a wood fence provides is exceptional. You can choose between a wide range of beautiful woods from Canadian pines and cedars to exotic imported woods and an unlimited range of colours and stains. A wood fence has remained the number one choice of Canadians for many decades and will add value to your home.

Composite Fence

Composite fencing is made with wood composite and cellular PVC plastics is becoming extremely popular. Available in many finishes including most popular wood looks, a composite fence is extremely durable, weather resistant, rot free, infestation free, and never needs to be painted or stained. A composite fence is both light and dense and oblivious to weather conditions making it a great choice for any Durham Region home. A composite fence is one of the most durable and flexible quality fencing solutions that you can install.

Composite fences are also excellent at providing privacy for your home as well as noise abatement; perfect for that irritating neighbour. Composite fences look a lot like wood fences.

Vinyl Fence

The Vinyl fence has many of the benefits of composite fencing but is less expensive. It is made completely from PVC so it is all plastic. It is both light and durable and can be made in most any shape. A Vinyl fence is made in panels therefore if any part of the fence is damage, you must replace the entire vinyl fence panel. One biggest drawback that a vinyl fence has is it is susceptible to colour fade from the sun and may also be subject to mildew contamination.

Iron Fence

While suitable for visual privacy or noise abatement, an iron fence is excellent for perimeter fencing to denote boundaries while adding a decidedly upscale look to the home. A true classic, the  ornamental iron fence is usually painted with black powder coating and may often have brass caps if you are going all out.

These types of fences are usually seen on larger properties and are used as a barrier or security fence aimed at stopping pedestrian traffic from walking onto your grounds.

An ornamental Iron fence can be quite expensive. They are made with high quality steel and painted with a powder coating making them a robust option  light on maintenance and offer year-round durability.

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