Wood Flooring for Your Durham Region Home

There are a wide range of wood flooring options available for you home from exotic woods to native Ontario hardwoods. Real wood flooring has a very high impact and provides a luxurious feel to the home. Hardwoods are also one of the easiest flooring materials to maintain and are extremely durable and therefor highly recommend for high traffic areas of the home. Home owners have a wide choice of hardwood flooring, engineered wood flooring and imported exotic wood flooring that are all durable and beautiful. Many homeowners in Durham Region are now exploring more exotic imported wood flooring products for this flooring projects. This is due to their unique colourings and rich gaining not seen in our typical hardwoods. When choosing more exotic wood floors or local hardwood floors you have the option of  going with engineered wood flooring or solid wood flooring.

This is the second of four articles dedicated to flooring, if you not already done so, we recommend you read the first article.

Here Are A Few Popular & Durable Exotic Wood Flooring Choices

Jatoba  (Brazilian Cherry)

This exotic wood flooring is a very hard wood with excellent durability and is an excellent choice for high traffic areas of the home. The patterns and colours are very bold and unique. You can find beautiful Brazilian Cherry flooring in colours ranging from an ash blond to a deep cherry-burgundy. This wood ages well and deepens in colouring when exposed to sunlight over long periods providing your home with a beautiful and exotic look exclusive to your home’s access to sunlight.

Amendoim (Brazilian Oak)

Few hardwoods have such a mesmerizing pattern and no two planks look the same. This exotic wood flooring is found in colours ranging from Golden Brown to an almost red brown with outstanding grain yet is excellent for high traffic areas of your home.  Because of its individual patterns this flooring is becoming very popular is wider planks.

Bolivian Koa, (Tigerwood)

This is a very bold striped wood, hence the name Tigerwood! Tigerwood looks best in a very wide plank it’s colour ranges from a tan background to an orange brown background with dark strokes throughout. This wood is luxurious and extremely durable. Colour change  can see it darken substantially over time.

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo has become incredibly popular in Durham Region over the last 5 years.

Even though Bamboo is a grass, not a wood, it is quite durable and certain processes can make bamboo harder than Oak. The manufacture process involves some chemicals that may in time seep out into your home, if you have any family members with allergies in the house, Bamboo flooring may not be for you.

Some other benefit of Bamboo flooring is that is is very eco friendly, is easy to maintain and is more water resistant that hardwoods yet still succumbs to humidity. It also scratches more easily than most hardwoods. Bamboo is relatively inexpensive compared to many hardwoods.

Brazilian Teak

No wooden floor is more stunning than the beauty of a hand scraped Brazilian teak floor. Brazilian Teak flooring has a strong grain and the colours run from a medium brown to a deeper red. Brazilian Teak can often be found in a very wide plank and is extremely durable.

Traditional Canadian Hardwood Flooring and Engineered Wood Flooring

Some of the highest quality solid hardwood & custom or engineered wood flooring is produced in Canada using the world’s finest Canadian hardwoods including Canadian Maple, Cherry, and Oak.

These solid hardwood floors should never be used in a basement or bathroom as just like the exotic hardwoods, they can suffer water damage and do not handle the humidity that is found in basements very well.

Canadian hardwood flooring is very durable, suitable for high traffic areas, come in a wide range of colours and grains and can be sanded and refinished easily.

Floor Selection & Installation

Manulock are experts at helping you choose appropriate materials best suited for your particular home, project, and budget. We can guide you on floor materials for each room and provide superior professional flooring installation. We are experts on flooring for your Durham Region home. Be sure to read all our Home Renovation Tips.

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