Landscaping Designed For Global Warming

Global warming is here whether we like it or not. If you are planning on landscaping your property, then consider the changes required by our changing environment and take into account landscaping design for global warming. The key today in landscaping design is sustainability. The way we address this issue here at Manulock is environmentally friendly landscaping design.

We design for low maintenance and environmental change. As summers become hotter and dryer and winters become considerably wetter, landscaping design that pays particular attention to water run off and shade structure design will pay you back in both sustainability and family comfort.

Plants and turf need sun and water, but they also need shade as well. Being burnt dry in our new summer weather and drowned throughout the winter will wreak havoc on your back or front yard.

Designing proper water run offs and landscaping levels will ensure a low maintenance yard that looks great no matter what the season. Integrating man-made shade structures such as gazebos, decks and arbours with shade trees ensure comfort zones for both humans and plantings that require shade. If there are challenges in creating levels on your property small retaining walls can be uses in sloped areas that provide natural levels and design interest.

Choosing plants and turf that can manage water in the runoff area, sun plants for the open area and shade plants for the relaxation zone. Integrating hardscapes into the design reduces turf watering requirements and provides a more durable play area for children while cutting grass cutting and watering maintenance considerably.

Perimeter fences will bring privacy while internal area fencing combined with level design will unite the overall landscape design into a beautiful yet functional yard that is low maintenance and durable enough to thrive in our global warming climate. If you have dogs, then a separate area fenced off as a dog run means not worrying what guests may step on if a cleanup is missed.

Young Families Are Choosing Environmentally Friendly Landscaping Design

Younger families are very interested today in our environmentally designed landscaping techniques and this includes reduced water usage due to efficient and more organic design. Young families are less interested in yards filled with short cut turf and more concerned with smart irrigation systems and a peaceful natural design that includes natural materials such as cedar and stone. Cell phone-controlled watering systems make it easier to adapt to changing weather conditions or respect municipal water shortages.

Avoiding water retaining concrete and choosing permeable pavement or interlock as an eco-friendly choice because water can flow through to the ground rather than run off the concrete and into the storm sewer.

Manulock Construction are local Durham Region experts on environmentally friendly landscaping design serving Oshawa, Ajax, Whitby and all Durham Region! See our main landscaping page for more details and read our Tips Blog for tips on any home renovation project! Read and download the Landscape Guide for Canadian Homes from The Canada Mortgage Corporation and the Canadian Government. Ready for more advanced landscaping tips?

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