Durham Region Landscaping Is A Great Investment

Landscaping is a very ROI (return on investment) friendly expenditure that actually increases as your efforts bear fruit. For example, planting a tree or hedge pays off even more over time as they grow and enhance the entire property while your entire family gain the benefits of enjoying the lifestyle enhancement. Eight to ten years from now more mature trees and shrubbery will make a stunning addition to your home’s curb appeal. Unlike other renovations that suffer from wear and tear, a landscaping project investment actually continues to increase in value as time goes by. A landscaping project can bring instant reward now while building value for the future of your Oshawa home.. We are specialist in Durham Region landscaping so I have put a few tips together for you and call it Oshawa Landscaping Tips.

Maintaining your landscaping project is important.

Once underway, ensure your landscaping projects have all the essentials and are cared for properly. Here are a few quick landscaping tips:

  • When watering should be done in the early morning giving the plant life and grass time during the day to dry off to avoid overnight dampness which can bring on disease in some circumstances.
  • Grass of course can be watered directly while plants should be watered at the ground below the leaves to ensure the water is given to the roots.
  • Do not cut your lawn too short, leave enough blade to keep the root from drying out.
  • Weed your garden often before weeds get a change to choke your plants and try adding mulch to help fight against weeds.
  • Mulch can also absorb and keep the water in the ground longer strengthening your soil.
  • Consider installing an automated sprinkler system to ensure consistency of watering times and durations to conserve water while maximizing the water you do use. This can free your time dramatically yet allow you to fine tune your watering schedule to the minute.
  • When setting up your watering system, set it for deep watering 2 to 3 times a week rather than a light sprinkle every day.
  • You can easily check your lawn to test if it is getting enough water by taking a 6-inch screwdriver and pushing it into the ground with your hand. If you are unable to push it all the way in your lawn is too dry.

Your Local Landscaping Company

To protect this work and your investment it makes sense to have an experienced landscaping firm attend to your home’s built in eco-system.  Cutting your grass to the right length with a sharp blade, knowing when and how to prune bushes and trees, ensuring your landscaping is getting the right amount of water, feed, and aeration is just one of the many landscaping maintenance services we offer here in Durham Region at Manulock Construction.

Review our main landscaping page for best landscaping tips! Manulock Construction is the #1 landscaping company serving Oshawa and Durham region! Read our Tips Blog for tips on any home renovation project! Did you read our Top 10 Winter Landscaping Tips?

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