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Best Home Renovations In Durham Region

Manulock Construction can help you create a home that you and your family will be comfortable in for years to come. Home renovations can be quite disturbing to your family life, we will make sure that the site is clean and safe before retiring for the evening. Whether adding  a new room or installing new floors, we will do our best to complete the work quickly & efficiently so that you can resume full use of your home and enjoy using your new area! We are the best home renovator in Durham Region. We plan and build the best home renovations in Durham Region.

Home Renovation Services include kitchens, bathrooms, basements, home expansions and additions or general custom improvements to all areas of your home. James, our owner, will personally visit with you as well as provide a free estimate of your desired project. We will work with your budget.

We have experience in all areas of home renovation including: re-leveling sagging floors, installing new floors, tiling walls & floors, removing walls, adding walls, replacing insulation, adding mouldings to ceilings & door trim, replacing doors, & windows, painting, installing light fixtures & pot lights.

Home renovations cover a lot of specialties. We offer special services for KitchensBathrooms and Basements. Here we will focus on discussing our home renovation work in general.

The best home renovations in Durham Region by Manulock Construction, we are the best home renovator in Durham Region

Home Renovation vs Home Maintenance

First let’s differentiate home renovation from home maintenance and repair. Home owners must make general repairs to their home on an as needed basis, while home renovation is the remodelling or upgrading of the home. Where the two services meet is when home renovation will be done and there is also a need for maintenance of the home in the same area of the renovation. When renovating an area that also could use maintenance, you should always choose to compete the maintenance as well. An example would be if you have a crack in a basement wall, you should properly repair and seal the crack before refinishing the basement to avoid possible water damage after competing the finished basement.

Typical home maintenance tasks would include plumbing repairs, painting, deck re-staining, drywall repair, roof shingling, and window repairs. Adding a new wall, upgrading flooring, countertops or adding a skylight would be considered renovation. One can and often does lead to the other. For example, flooring that requires repair my instead trigger a decision to upgrade the flooring as a timely investment opportunity in the home.


Upgrading A Home For Lifestyle Reasons vs Investment Reasons.

Sometime a lifestyle upgrade is also a good Return On Investment upgrade. But sometime lifestyle upgrades are just that, an improvement for your family lifestyle that may not result in a great investment return. Each homeowner has to weigh the pros and cons of lifestyle and potential ROI and then place their own value on it.


Some Lifestyle Upgrades That May Not Result In A Great ROI

Swimming pool installation

In ground swimming pools can be expensive, take up a lot of space, require considerable maintenance, and may not be desirable to some younger families when reselling your home. Your family however may be avid swimming pool aficionados and would therefore get great lifestyle use of a new pool. On the other hand, when reselling your home, some families with young children may see a swimming pool as an added expense that also puts their younger children at risk.

Over building for your neighbourhood

Keep home renovations and additions in line with the home values of your neighbourhood, overbuilding your home out of the general price range of other homes in the area will not result in dramatic returns unless the rest of the homes keep up with yours. Neighbourhoods affect price and returns will be affected by the general values of other homes near yours.

Uneven Remodeling

Installing marble flooring in your kitchen will impress and have the potential to increase your home value but if you leave all the washrooms with vinyl-flooring and cheap plastic counters all you are doing is drawing attention to the homes weaknesses. Instead of expensive marble flooring, change all the countertops in the kitchen and washrooms to granite for a more complete and balanced home presentation.

Wall to Wall Carpeting

Wall to wall carpeting is expensive and not always a welcome addition to a prospective homeowner. Potential buyers may ask themselves what is it hiding? How clean is it? There is no denying that quality wood flooring is a more desirable upgrade and a better investment than wall to wall carpeting.


Choosing The Best Home Renovator In Durham Region

When choosing a home renovator, we feel that it is important that your home renovation company be located locally in your community. and that they stand behind their work. Manulock Construction is the best home renovator in Durham Region and are headquartered right here in Oshawa, Durham Region and our owners live in Durham Region as well.

We also have a business ethics code that we believe in and follow, it is applied to all the projects we undertake no matter how big or how small.


Our Business Ethics Code Guarantees Client Satisfaction.

  • We respect your home and take great care with out work
  • We operate in a timely manner to ensure minimum disruption in your home
  • We clean up after ourselves so your new kitchen is sparkling new and clean
  • We finish the job on time and within budget every time.
  • We show up when we say we will
  • We can accommodate your work schedule.
  • We ensure your satisfaction.

Choose The Best Home Renovator In All Of Durham Region

We are the home renovation and remodeling experts in Durham Region. If you value a contractor that knows how to create your dream home and operates right here in Durham Region then you’ve come to the right place.  We are your local contractor that will supply national quality materials with outstanding workmanship and tremendous value. Call us now for the best home renovations in Durham Region.

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