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Tile flooring offers many choices of materials, colours, and looks. Materials can vary widely to expensive marbles to more cost effective ceramics, however in this article, we are going to focus on the two most widely used: ceramic floor tiles and porcelain floor tiles. You cant go wrong with either for your new ceramic flooring!

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Porcelain Floor Tiles vs. Ceramic Floor Tiles

Technically, ceramics tiles and porcelain tiles are both ceramics, however, they are routinely separated as porcelain and non-porcelain ceramics because of the difference between the two tiles manufacturing process and their costs.

Ceramic tiles are made from clay, glazed, and then fired under extreme heat to make them ultra strong, they mostly have a red or brown core colour, which can influence the final pattern colour of the tile.

Porcelain floor tiles are more versatile than plain ceramic tiles. While made from clay also, they come in a wider range of core body colours. Porcelain tiles are denser that non-porcelain and fired at higher temperatures making them stronger and more durable.  This makes them even more suitable for the highest traffic areas of your home.

If cost is a major factor, then plain ceramic tiles can’t be beat, porcelain while more durable, is also more expensive, up to half again as much money as plain ceramic tiles.

Ceramic Tiles & Porcelain Tiles Are Durable

All ceramic flooring ,whether porcelain or non-porcelain, share a few of the same traits: they are durable, come in a variety of sizes including the most popular 12 and 18 inch sizes, and are waterproof when installed properly.

In the rest of this article I will refer to both flooring tiles as “ceramic” as this information applies to both porcelain and non porcelain tiles.

Ceramic Flooring For Kitchens & Bathrooms

Kitchens and bathrooms are natural fits for ceramic tile because they are extremely wear resistant and are waterproof. Design features include a wide range of patterns that can be laid in any design you choose.

Ceramic tiles come as glazed and non-glazed, selecting a glazed finish ensures that the tile is stain resistant, a great feature for kitchens where coloured cooking sauces my end up on the floor from time to time

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are extremely hard and can be tough on your feet if standing on a ceramic floor all day. If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking, you may find a rubberized matt at the cooking station will make life in the kitchen more comfortable.

Ceramic Floors Are Low Maintenance

Ceramic floors are easy to clean and low maintenance.  A vacuum with the head set for wood floorings is perfect as is damp mopping, sweeping and wet clothes for wiping up spills. The tiles themselves can take pretty much anything thrown at them, however the grout between the tiles should be sealed by a professional to ensure the flooring is waterproof, stain resistant, and resistant to grout mould.

Ceramic tiles are also becoming very popular in basements because they can be laid directly to the cement (no wood base required or desired), are moisture and water proof and can take all the traffic and abuse your basement can throw at them.

Ceramic and Porcelain tiles are extremely dense and can even survive being frozen and then thawed. They are also resistant to scratches, moisture, bacteria and odors which makes them perfect for kitchens and bathrooms.

Tile Flooring Installation

Do not underestimate the value of having your ceramic floor tiles installed professionally. Proper grout joins, and sealing make all the difference to whether the floor structure underneath your tiles is truly protected from water damage. Grout can pass water and unless properly sealed you may not know the flooring structure is being damaged until its too late.

We can guide you on tile flooring materials for each room and provide superior professional installation. Be sure to read all our Home Renovation Tips.

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