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Ontario homeowners use their kitchens to make and eat food for family and guests. Children might use your kitchen to do their school research and it’s the area where many people end up sitting and talking. But many kitchens require a redesign to truly fulfill one of the most important roles in the home. Kitchen renovations may be necessary for an area that lacks the efficiency that an active family needs; or to modernize a kitchen that no longer meets your needs. When the best kitchen renovations in Oshawa & Durham Region are required choose the best kitchen renovator in Durham Region: Manulock Construction we are the preferred choice for kitchen renovations in Durham Region.


Kitchen renovations in Durham Region have a very positive affect on the value of your home. According to home resale values in Oshawa, and the rest of Durham Region, your kitchen is typically the most popular & rewarding room inside your home to remodel. It is also the room that returns the most return value per dollar spent when appraising your home, often adding between 25% to 30% to your house value.

Manulock Contruction is the best at KITCHEN RENOVATIONS IN OSHAWA & Durham Region

Best Kitchen Renovations in Durham Region

Kitchen Renovations: Here are three main kitchen design layouts that cover most kitchens

  • Traditional kitchens utilize warm tones and mostly natural materials such as stained wood cabinets, with genuine granite countertops to complete the traditional look.
  • Modern kitchens rely on cooler tones and focus on minimalistic modern lines to produce a stunning look. This look often uses a simple white cabinetry, cut quartz counter tops with stainless steel trim and appliances
  • Transitional kitchens are a mixture of traditional and modern, utilizing elements within both styles but carrying it out in a manner that allows the whole design to keep a cohesive flow.

Whichever style of kitchen best suits your home and family, rest assured that Manulock Construction have the expertise and personnel to manage your kitchen renovations in Durham Region on time and within your budget.

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Do you currently have accessories and components in mind for your kitchen? Do you simply need a little help from our designers discovering the perfect kitchen? Manulock can provide the help you need to pull your kitchen ideas together and the quality workmanship to ensure the results match your vision.

Best Prices on Kitchen Renovations in Durham Region!

Fact: Kitchen remodeling can be very costly without the proper planning. What will the plumbing and electrical work cost if you decide to move major components of your kitchen.  Are you getting the best prices on quality materials? As the best kitchen renovations in Oshawa & Durham Region we can keep you within your budget by ensuring the plan is solid from the very start. There are no hidden surprises when we take on your kitchen remodeling project.


Client Satisfaction is Guaranteed.

  • We respect your home and take great care with out work
  • We operate in a timely manner to ensure minimum disruption in your home
  • We clean up after ourselves so your new kitchen is sparkling new and clean
  • We finish the job on time and within budget every time.
  • We show up when we say we will
  • We can accommodate your work schedule.
  • We ensure your satisfaction.
Best kitchen renovations in Durham Region

Kitchen Renovations in Durham Region can reduce our sky high Ontario hydro bills.

If you are considering a kitchen renovation, you maybe surprised that the benefits aren’t only cosmetic or functional. Your appliances, wall structure/insulation and appliance arrangement can play a significant role on your hydro bill. Let’s take a look at the benefits that are frequently overlooked.

Let’s line up the offenders: 

  • Refrigerator: A high efficiency refrigerator will most likely consume 40% less energy then a regular refrigerator. That is a savings of $150 a year, remember that while shopping for appliances as the higher efficiency appliances tend to be a more expensive but better in the long run.
  • Stove: Consider a high efficient induction stove. Why? inductions stoves work by heating your pots and pans quickly using electromagnetic fields instead of traditional radiant heat thereby using less power.
  • Dishwasher: A high efficiency dishwasher will perform double duty for you! It saves you water and power. We’re talking 40% savings on power and half the water consumption. You could be paying as much as an extra $40 a year to run your dishwasher, not to mention all the wasted gallons of water.

If your appliances are 10 – 15 years old it’s time to start your research. You and your family will benefit from better technology, improved settings and monthly savings.

During any renovation, the area being worked on is usually gutted to bare walls and floors. This is the perfect time to investigate the bones of your house! Part of our reputation of supplying the best kitchen renovations in Oshawa & Durham Region means we will take advantage of this stage and ensure that your new kitchen is built on a solid foundation. We may find the answer to why you hear a rattling noise in the kitchen when the master bathtub is draining, or why your pipes froze last winter.

Appliance arrangement, surprisingly no it’s not related to fung-shui.

Let me explain: your refrigerator runs a fan to keep it’s motor cool so it can do it’s job and keep your food cold and your freezer chilled. By placing your refrigerator next to a dishwasher, heat vent or stove the fan will have to run that much longer and harder to compensate for the added heat. Long term, this could lead to increased energy bills and reduced life span for your refrigerator. Once the refrigerator is situated, we can arrange the rest appliances in a functional and safe manner.

Save on Energy

The government of Ontario has a few incentives on their Save on Energy website complete with coupons for items such as LED light bulbs to weatherstripping and outdoor timers. Here are some highlights for what you can do in your kitchen:

  • Switch from incandescent bulbs to energy efficient LED lighting•
  • Buy energy efficient appliances, you may qualify for rebates too.
  • Follow the maintenance guidelines from the manufacturer and your appliance will continue to perform at it’s best for years to come. .


Manulock Construction are experts that produce the best kitchen renovations in Oshawa & Durham Region. If you value a contractor that knows how to create your dream kitchen and operates right here in Durham Region then you’ve come to the right place.  Manulock Construction is your local contractor that will supply national quality products with outstanding workmanship and tremendous value. We also do Bathroom Renovations, Home & Basement Renovations, Fences & Decks, and Landscaping.

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