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Beautiful Pain-Free Bathroom Renovations in Durham Region!

Every cent committed to your bathroom renovation will dramatically enhance the resale value of your house. Redesigning your bathroom is considered an investment not an expenditure. Keeping your bathrooms fresh and interesting is usually a smart investment that you also enjoy. You can best  get the very best bathroom renovations in Oshawa simply by calling for your free quote. We are a local firm that handles bathroom renovations in Durham Region.

Best Bathroom Renovations in Oshawa & Durham Region While Maintaining Your Project Budget.

  • Layout – the space you make available for your bathroom project will help decide the physical layout. Efficient layouts can also affect the perceived size of a bathroom.
  • Freestanding tubs, back-lit vanity mirrors wall-mounted toilets, open walk-in showers add style and uniqueness.
  • Bathroom surfaces of imported tile, glass, ceramic, stone, marble, granite, wood for your bathroom walls, cabinets, floors and counter tops provide the look and feel of your design.
  • The final touch is to accessorize to complete the look.
The best Bathroom Renovations in Oshawa & Durham Region

Use Quality Components & Materials.

Quality does not always mean the most expensive. Through years of experience we know what materials will provide long term quality while maintaining your budget. Wood versus veneer tile versus ceramic, there are many choices and many pricing levels and there are better quality choices in each category of material. To ensure the best Bathroom Renovations in Oshawa & Durham Region make sure your bathroom is built with quality components & materials.

Set a Budget and a Plan

Make a budget and respect it. We are professionals that can help you get the best value for your dollar. Let us create a plan for you because improvising as you go leads to budget overruns and a disappointing finished product. There is a lot involved in a bathroom redesign from plumbing decisions to material choices and layout decisions; let us take care of this for you, in the long run we will save you money and time! Choose Manulock Construction for the best bathroom renovations in Oshawa and Durham Region.

You may have decided to renovate your bathroom(s) for long term investment in your home or to improve your family’s quality of life or to increase the value of your home just before listing it. Whichever the reason, here is some advice that will help result in a successful project:

  1. Create both a budget and a plan and stick to it.
  2. Hire an experienced contractor that understands all the materials and and has a proven track record of quality workmanship.
  3. Know that quality and durability of materials and workmanship will pay off in the long run if keeping the house and will be easily recognized by the buyer and their home inspector if selling the house.
  4. Ensure that the products used can be replaced and maintained over the years.
  5. Ensure that the finishes chosen can stand up to cleaning and light abrasion over time and that surfaces that will become wet are safe for your family (such as non-slip tiles etc.)
  6. Ensure that your contractor will stand behind their work and that the materials chosen are made by a reputable company that will be stand behind their products.

Best Bathroom Renovations in Oshawa & Durham Region

Bathroom renovations can be disruptive to family life. We have the ability, expertise and skill to carry bathroom renovations quickly and correctly. Doing the job in an organized manner means completing the job more quickly while doing it right the first time.

In 2016, 33% of homeowners were planning or had already begun their bathroom renovations.
There are many reasons to renovate usually it’s a shift between wants vs. needs. What is the correlation between the real estate market and bathroom renovations?

What’s the main reason you would want to renovate your bathroom? Maybe it hasn’t been updated in 20 years or maybe the colour scheme is from the previous owners and does not match your style at all. Sometimes it’s not a choice and you have an emergency such as leaks, a broken vanity, cracked tiles, sink or tub not draining. In that case it’s time to take your lemons and make lemonade! Get the look you’ve always wanted, the extra space you desperately need, your own counter space or even a linen closet. The possibilities are endless and as unique as you are. The design process can sometimes be daunting but we will help you navigate the thousands of choices for materials and colour options available to you. Remember their are building codes, regulation, and related standards to adhere to.

Increase the Value of Your Home in Durham Region

If you’re thinking of selling your home now is the time to renovate, kitchens and bathrooms are the most valued renovations you can do to boost your sale price. A small change can make a big impact on a prospective buyer. Think a wall mounted, recessed flatscreen TV over-looking the tub so you can soak away the day while catching up to your favourite TV show. We can add luxurious upgrades that melt into the background like tiled cubby holes in the shower for your shampoo and body wash or maybe even a bench in the shower? Upgrades like this will be remembered long after the showings. Return on investment is one of the reasons bathroom renovations are so immensely popular in Oshawa and Durham region the past 24 months!

Real estate prices have been soaring into un-reachable figures for most Canadians. Because of the most people cannot afford to move, nevertheless their existing home is no longer up to par. Why not renovate! You and your family will enjoy the space until you can find a new home in a more reasonable price range and the renovations will help you make the maximize your profits.

Return on Investment

For every dollar you invest in your bathroom renovation, you and your family will benefit. Studies have shown that people who recently renovated and love their new space are more happy so they tend to take care better care of that space and keep it clean. What a nice, free, added benefit! When the time comes and you decide you want to take a leap into the real estate market, you will already be step ahead of the competition with your new, clean and beautiful bathroom.

Best bathroom renovations in Durham Region

Get the best bathroom renovations in Durham Region

We are reconstruction experts and offer the best bathroom renovations in Oshawa and Durham Region. If you value a contractor that knows how to create your dream bathroom and operates right here in Durham region then you’ve come to the right place.  We are your local contractor that will supply national quality products with outstanding workmanship and tremendous value. We also do Kitchen Renovations, Home & Basement Renovations, Fences & Decks, and Landscaping.

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