Bathroom Vanity Trends

The bathroom continues to be one of the most productive financial investments that you can make in your home. One of the upgrades that makes the biggest impact on the look and the utility of your bathroom is the vanity. With that in mind here are some of the most recent bathroom vanity trends we are seeing in Oshawa and Durham Region.

Upgraded Materials

Marble, quartz, and wood. These are the materials that are making a big splash in bathrooms throughout the Durham Region during the past 6 months and will continue throughout 2020. Marble and Quart ad both luxury and durability to the bathroom vanity counter where there are no worries about hot pots and staining sauces that kitchen countertops must endure. Genuine wood vanities of the proper thickness and treatment to avoid humidity issue such as warping provide a long lasting and extremely elegant finishing touch that will enhance your bathroom and provide excellent return on investment. These material upgrades are a vanity trend that is worth the investment.

Floating Bathroom Vanities Are In Demand

Floating bathroom vanities continued dominating new design in 2019 and are on a trend to continue to dominate for 2020. It is perhaps the most maintenance friendly upgrade you can make in your bathroom while embracing a fabulous modern look that really does have a wow factor. Dirt, dust and grime gathering around the bottom of existing vanities.  Gone is the eventual forming of humidity caused mold in base corners is because the vanity never touches the floor resulting in zero mold attracting nooks and crannies. An occasional quick antiseptic wipes down under the vanity and weekly sweep of a swifter drawn under the vanity cleans and sanitizes your bathroom floor in way not possible with a floor-based vanity. This bathroom vanity trend is a low maintenance dream!

Bathroom Vanity Trends in Design: Industrial & Minimalist

Industrial design initially caught on in the kitchen and it is now sweeping North America like wildfire for the bathroom. The selection of industrial design vanities as well as sinks and accessories in almost unlimited. The design is usually very minimalist. Speaking of minimalist, it is also on a viral trend of its own. The minimalist look is extremely functional yet can provide additional space to a smaller bathroom while embracing a leading design trend that looks fabulous.

Vanity Trends In Colour are White, Ebony and Grey

White, ebony and grey vanities. In 2018 black and deep tones were the colours that were really in. This year they still look great and black has held its desirability but  we are seeing a swing in late 2019 back to white and 2020 is looking like both White & Ebony will be hot and Grey will be the big addition in colours. So the hot colours moving into the 2020 bathroom vanity trends are black, white, and grey. After looking at the upcoming 2020 spring redesigns from suppliers and IKEA, we expect them to be the dominate colours moving forward.

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