Bathroom Upgrades

So, you have studied the return on investment that numerous home renovations offer and have concluded that for your home, it will be the main bathroom or the master bedroom en suite that gets the bathroom upgrades. This is a good choice as bathroom upgrades can offer terrific investment value for your home while upgrading a room you use every day. But now, you need some bathroom upgrade ideas that can help make add wow factor to your home without breaking the bank. Here are some great high-impact bathroom renovation ideas that may help your get the right start!

Open Shower Upgrade

If you have the space, an open shower offers dramatic impact to any bathroom. With no doors or shower curtains to clean it is also very low maintenance. A small ledge a few inches high is all that is needed to keep the water in the shower stall while a rain forest style shower head and small tiled walk out area will do the rest for water management! You haven’t experienced the ultimate bathroom convenience until you have walked across the floor directly into an open shower able to reach anything you forgot to bring in with you by simply reaching for it.

Shower Niche

Not ready for the big move to an open shower? If you are remodeling your shower stall/bathtub here is a smaller option that is more focused on ease of use and convenience. The shower stall or bathtub can become a very crowed place when stuffed with shower caddies, and the tub corners are all filled with bottles and containers full of soaps and shampoos. The solution is to simply add a shower niche directly into the wall.

Most shower niches are about 18 inches deep and up to 24 inches wide. This provides amply room for all the bath accessories and materials you may need and keeps them out of the way and well-organized. The shower space is yours to enjoy without knocking over a corner full of bottles while reaching down for the right one. Having everything at eye level and out of the way will make you wonder how you ever got along with out a shower niche.

Frameless Glass Showers

You can have the look of an open shower by having all glass entrance to the shower. A clear glass door with clear glass adjoining to the wall providing the high impact look and because it is enclosed you don’t require a tiled  walk out area.

One of the benefits of an all glass entrance to the shower stall is if your bathroom only has one smallish window all that natural light can still flood into your shower through semi sheer curtains. Frameless glass shower enclosures offer a rich high impact presentation that can help you reach your overall bathroom renovation goal affordably.

Upgrade Your Bathroom With A Floating Vanity

While having wall mounted vanities saves space and should be considered for very small bathrooms, a floating vanity can really make your washroom stand out and is not a huge expense. It is one of the biggest bangs for the buck upgrades you can make in a bathroom, while you’re at it, add one with a double sink!

The bathroom is instantly more open and inviting and if done in conjunction with re-tiling the floor, it is all that may be needed to bring your bathroom from hum-drum to beautiful!

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