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Basement Renovations In Durham Region

Are you still living with a basement with roughed in cement floors, bare walls or with strips of insulation covered with transparent plastic sheeting? Shame on you for wasting such valuable family space! We are specialists at basement renovations In Durham Region. We are the experts to call for your Oshawa basement renovation project!

Manulock Construction are experts at turning that damp unfinished basement into a beautiful finished living space your entire family will want to spend time in. As an added bonus, basement renovations are well regarded as an investment that will add tremendous resale value to your home!

Our creative designs are only limited by your imagination. Do you want a full theater room for family movies? A full bar for entertaining? A gaming area for the kids? Or simply expanded living areas for relaxation that will take traffic pressure off other areas of the home? We can do it all!

Reason For Starting Your Oshawa Basement Renovation

Some family’s are getting ready for in-laws to move into the home and require a fully finished self contained basement apartment with kitchen and bedroom. Often today some parents are welcoming the return of children who are finding it easier to live with mom and dad while saving for their own home.

Whatever your need, your basement space is extremely valuable and should not go to waste. It can become the perfect office for a home business, living quarters for other family members, or the fun expanded family area to hang out in. Your Oshawa basement renovations will pay off in increased living space, versatility and return on investment!

Basement Renovations in Durham Region located in Oshawa for your Oshawa Basement Renovation

Your Oshawa Basement Renovation.

We create a plan and take care of all the details with superior trades, skills and high-quality materials. Manulock caries out all work in house including drywall installation, painting, flooring, tiling, plumbing and electrical.

All our workmanship is guaranteed and carried out by expert trades people with years of experience.

Many homeowners fear renovations; you always hear horror stories of prices soaring way above budget, delays and not being happy with the finished result. We get a lot questions like; why do people renovate and are there different levels of renovations?

Basement renovations in Durham Region should never be scary! At Manulock we realize that just like any other relationship, communication is key. At all times during your renovation you will have full access by phone, text and email to our dedicated team. You can ask any question, about any process and we will walk you through it. It’s our job after all, and we will ensure your Oshawa basement renovation will be completed correctly and on time.

On our initial visit we will meet with you and ask what you are looking for. We like to see the area we are working on and then ask you more questions. We will tell you if we have concerns regarding the space and if we can accommodate your needs. For example: you show us your kitchen and say “I fell in love with this giant gas burning stove and now I need to re-model the house around it. What can we do?” Our first question will be do you have a gas connection? If not, you may be shocked to find out your whole budget might not even cover the cost of having the gas company run a line for you. It’s our job to know about these things, we figure out the details for you, that’s why you call in the experts!

Why renovate? We hear all the bad and some of the good but what’s the driving force of home renovations? Keeping up with the neighbours? Having something to talk about at the next party? Your reasons are your own, we respect that. The only time we will not take on your project is if there is a more pressing issue that should be addressed first. What does that mean? If you ask us to provide you with a quote for a complete basement renovation but the foundation is cracked – we will not accept the job. We will always recommend to fix any underlaying issues first, then we can talk home renovations. We know you work too hard to throw money away.

Types of Basement Renovations

There are 2 main levels of renovating, a remodel and a gut. Freshening up your space can be as simple as painting, buying some new pillows or investing in a new piece of furniture. This can usually be done over the weekend and you will not need a professionals assistance. A remodel will have to be completed by professionals and may take anywhere from 3-12 weeks depending on the scope of work. However, you will most likely be able to live onsite while the work is progressing. A gut will be the most impactful and you will need to live offsite until most of the work is completed for safety reasons.

No matter what your reason, we can help you through the process of your home renovations. We will inform you of any concerns as hey arise and work with you to resolve them. You can depend on Manulock to protect you and your home, we are the quality and price leader in basement renovations In Durham Region.

Choose the best in basement renovations in Durham Region

We are experts in home and basement renovations in Durham Region. If you value a contractor that knows how to finish or renovate your basement and operates right here in Durham region then you’ve come to the right place.  We are your local contractor that will supply national quality products with outstanding workmanship and tremendous value and we are aware of all Oshawa and Durham Region building permits. We also do Bathroom Renovations, Kitchen Renovations, Fences & Decks, and Landscaping.

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