Landscaping Investment Ideas for Your Home

Landscaping is one home investment that you make that can result in immediate lifestyle improvement for your entire family. A landscaping investment can be a win-win.  It not only adds tremendous “curb appeal” to your home, but if you choose the right landscaping plan, adds a great deal of extra outdoor living space that can be used 8 months of the year. With a little extra work your landscaping investment ideas can add some year-round extra space such as an indoor-outdoor patio kitchen.

Landscaping Investment Ideas That Are Affordable

But not every investment in your home, including in your landscaping, yields huge investment returns. Some landscaping features are more desirable than others depending on the geography, weather and of course and community preferences you live in. Here is a list of landscaping investments that are proven to add real value to your home in Durham Region. These ideas below are all affordable to the average Durham Region homeowner, theses projects are not out of reach for the average family.

Cedar / Wood Deck with fencing

Number one on our list of landscaping  ideas, and the first major landscaping investment most Durham Region homeowners invest in is a wooden deck and fencing. A well-designed cedar wood deck and fencing always returns more value that the cost if quality installation is involved. Don’t over-design for the size of your backyard, ensure that there is adequate space left for backyard investment, choose quality hardware such as stainless steel nails and pay attention to cedar stain and treatment requirements.

Stone / Interlock Patio

A stone or interlock patio provides level space with secure footing for entertaining in the backyard. The obvious place for outdoor parties, get-togethers, and celebrations, nothing beats an outdoor patio with some casual furniture, and some mood lighting for those evenings with family and friends. Choose quality interlock with proper base to prevent shifting, vapor shield to keep grass seed out proper sealing to keep their luster for years. We prefer silicone sand between the stone prior to sealing for a lifetime of low maintenance that will keep your patio looking new. Few outdoor investments rival a stone patio and walkway; however, nothing looks more abandoned than having weeds growing between all your patio stones so ensure a professional installation is done! Having a stone patio is our personal favourite landscaping investment idea.

Outdoor Kitchen

This is the fastest growing landscaping category in all of Durham Region. Homeowners are discovering the utility of an outdoor kitchen compete with running water and gas full range BBQ. And it can be surprisingly affordable especially if you already have a full deck or interlock patio for a stable platform. You probably already have the plumbing required supplying your garden hose and adding the gas range is easier than an inside the home gas fireplace.

The Wow Factor Landscaping Idea: A Fire-Pit

Do you already have a beautiful patio? Then add the final touch and boost the value of your home even more with an outdoor fire-pit or if you prefer, a fireplace. Extending the gas line is simple. Most Oshawa homeowners prefer the fire-pit as it has an obvious natural campfire feeling that the family will love sitting around on those cool summer evenings. Having a Fire-Pit in your patio is the landscaping idea with the most wow factor in our opinion and it is very affordable!

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